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How Can Zone Control Improve Your Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning systems can occupy a lot of your energy spending during the hotter months. And yet, your air conditioner may not even offer all of the performance features you desire. If your family members seem to disagree on the temperature in the home, your air conditioner simply isn’t giving you all you need. A large home shouldn’t have to remain at one set temperature. The solution? It’s not a new air conditioner. It’s a new zone control system.

What Is Zone Control?

A zone control system is installed in the ductwork, and a technician must cut into your ducts in order to put it in. There are dampers installed in various areas of the ductwork, and each damper opens and closes when it is controlled by a thermostat. Separate thermostats in different zones or rooms of the home operate different dampers, so you can set the temperature in one room separately from the others.

Why Use Zone Control

Zone control is great for keeping everyone in the home a lot more comfortable, allowing one family member to cool down a room to their liking without affecting the temperature throughout the house. But it has other uses as well.

Zone control allows you to make the temperature in the home more even and accurate if you have a home with complex architectural features or multiple stories. As heat distributes unevenly in different areas of the house, it’s hard to keep larger homes cool throughout. You have to keep the AC on longer to cool the upstairs portions or certain rooms of the home, which costs you more.

Zone control also helps you to save money because you can simply shut off the air to an area of the home that is not in use. No more wasting energy all day cooling the entire home while the kids are at school or while everyone is hanging out together in the living room.

If you want to hear more about the benefits of zone control in Farmington, NM, call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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