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Mini-Split Air Conditioning Services In Farmington

Our Farmington Mini-Split Systems Can Keep You Cool

For years, traditional air conditioning units have been the industry standard when it comes to efficient residential cooling systems. These systems are tried and tested, and they’ve been providing homes with a consistent HVAC solution for decades.

However, like every industry, the HVAC industry has evolved. The options available to homeowners when selecting an air conditioner have increased thanks to that evolution.

Here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, we work hard to ensure all our customers have access to every option available on the market — that way, our team can provide the most comprehensive solutions possible. Ductless mini-splits are an alternative to the standard, central system, and they offer homeowners a range of benefits. When it comes to ductless AC installation, we’re the best around. Learn more about making the switch to a mini-split system.

Main Benefits Of Ductless Cooling Systems

There are many benefits associated with upgrading to a ductless system, and our team here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning is working our hardest to ensure that all our clients understand the potential benefits of upgrading.

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Increased Efficiency

Ductless systems are far more efficient than standard HVAC systems in several ways. One of the greatest gains in efficiency comes directly from the removal of the ductwork.

Air usually has to travel quite a ways from the air handler through the ducts to reach registers in each room. Each foot of ductwork it travels through is a potential point of failure.

In traditional systems, faults in the ductwork can account for up to a 30% loss in efficiency for the entire air conditioner!

Removing this incredibly large point of potential efficiency loss creates a far more efficient system. The air cooled or heated by your ductless unit enters and exits the room from one point on the wall. Less room for loss means more accurate warmth or cooling in your home and less time running your ductless unit!


Lower Utility Bills

On average, homeowners who upgrade to a ductless cooling system can save nearly $300 per year when compared to a standard cooling system. These savings are created mostly from the increase in efficiency mentioned above. This reduced chance for efficiency loss combined with the greater degree of control offered by ductless systems make for a system that’s less expensive to run.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Another improvement associated with the removal of ductwork is that ductless systems tend to be associated with greater indoor air quality. The longer the pathway that conditioned air has to travel, the higher the chances that the air is going to pick up particulates and carry them inside your home.

With ductless systems, conditioned air is filtered and directly delivered into each zone, virtually eliminating the potential for transferring contaminants.

All-In-One Heating & Cooling

Not only are ductless systems some of the most energy-efficient cooling systems on the market, but their operation can also be reversed to create an equally reliable heating system. If you’re ready to invest in a ductless AC and heating system for your home, our team is here to provide the mini-split installation services you’re looking for!

Zoned Operation

Because ductless systems utilize a series of air handlers rather than a single centralized unit, homeowners can enjoy a greater degree of control over their HVAC system. Rather than being forced to set a single temperature for the entire home, temperatures can be set at each air handler — which greatly increases both efficiency and control.


Ductless units come in a wide range of configurations and options. Rather than being restricted to the limitations of your ductwork, mini-split AC systems allow homeowners to explore new options when designing the ideal layout for their homes.

Quieter Operation

Home is the one place where a little bit of peace should be guaranteed. Unfortunately, this becomes impossible when you have an inefficient air conditioner chugging away in the background. Ductless ACs are one of the quietest cooling solutions on the market, and upgrading could mean enjoying a new level of quiet when relaxing at home.

Risks Of DIY Mini-Split Installation In Farmington, NM

Tackling DIY projects can be intriguing and an opportunity to enhance your skills. However, when it comes to a ductless mini-split installation, it’s best to leave it to a professional HVAC technician.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning has witnessed firsthand the aftermath of DIY attempts gone wrong. Our local expertise ensures your system is installed correctly for Farmington’s semi-arid climate. From incorrect sizing to hazardous wiring, DIY ductless AC installations can lead to costly repairs and safety concerns.

Improper installation can also cause the unit to operate inefficiently throughout the year. When this occurs, you may experience poor humidity control during Farmington summers or inadequate heating during the winter. Trust our certified technicians to navigate Farmington’s challenges. We’ll help you avoid mechanical errors with our local mini-split installation services.

Try Your Luck And Lose The Ducts With Robbins

If you feel like your home might benefit from the range of advantages offered by mini-split systems, don’t hesitate to call the team here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for the best ductless AC installation in Farmington.

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