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farmington heating unit that is being tested after install

Heater Installation

Invest in reliable heating throughout the winter!

Dependable Heater Replacement

Heater Installation In Farmington, NM

It’s often overlooked just how much labor modern heating systems save us. In the times before, getting through the winter comfortably was essentially a full-time job. Between the ongoing need to chop wood and constantly attending a fire, staying warm required a significant amount of elbow grease.

Luckily, today’s heating options are more expansive and versatile than ever. When your current heater stops cutting it and you find yourself needing the best Farmington heater installation company, the team here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered!

farmington heating unit that is being tested after install

Signs You Need A New Heater

In some cases, it can be difficult to choose between heater repair or complete replacement. While our team is confident in our ability to repair almost any system, there will be instances where installing a new unit makes far more sense.

To simplify things, we’ve put together this list of six common signs that it might be time to start considering heater replacement.

Age Of Your Heater

Depending on the type of heater in your home, most systems have a functional life span of between 15-20 years. After that, wear and tear can start affecting your unit’s function, which will eventually make replacing it the ideal solution.

Frequent And Costly Repairs

While it’s possible to take steps to avoid major breakdowns, it’s impossible to avoid them all. As your system gets older, the chances of something going wrong increase as the components of the system degrade and become less efficient.

If you’re calling us every few months to come out and repair a unit, it might be time to consider replacing it.

Declining Energy Efficiency

As your system gets older and declines, the efficiency at which it’s able to operate will also decline. This means that your system will have a harder time getting to a temperature that you find comfortable and will drive up your utility bills as it requires more and more energy simply to function.

Inconsistent Heating Or Uneven Temperatures

With declining energy efficiency comes declining performance, which to some, is more problematic than the increased operating costs. If your system is struggling to adequately heat your home or if you notice random cold spots — but can’t trace the problem back to a specific component or issue — replacement might be your best option.

Unsafe Or Outdated Technology

Some heating systems require natural gas, which must be combusted to provide heat to the home. Even units that don’t utilize gas have to generate heat and any time heat is being generated, safety is a concern.

While most of the time these older units can be perfectly safe, sometimes components can become outdated to the point where newer options are considerably safer.

Excessive Noise Or Strange Odors

Your home should be a place of peace. This is nearly impossible to achieve when your heater sounds and smells like a broken engine filled with burning hair. You might have not even noticed how loud your current system has gotten until you seek out heater replacement in Farmington.

Turn to Robbins and enjoy a brand new heater that’s so quiet, you’ll only know it’s running because you’re warm.

Changes In Home Or Heating Needs

The HVAC industry has come a long way in the last few decades and the amount of heating options available have expanded with it. Between furnaces, heat pumps and mini-splits, there are many systems worth considering that might serve your household far better than your current heater.

Choose An Industry Leader When Replacing Your Heater

When you choose Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning as your local furnace installation service, you can be confident that your system is being worked on by the most skilled professionals in Farmington.

We strive to provide a superior standard of customer service and to leave every job site with our clients happy. So if you have any HVAC needs at all, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Robbins today!

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