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Valued Customer Club

Maintenance Program

Robbins Valued Customer Club

Maintaining your home systems is critical for indoor comfort. Regular maintenance is like going to the doctor for an annual check-up — you go as a safety precaution! A professional diagnosis from Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning ensures your HVAC unit operates efficiently for years to come.

Why Join Our Maintenance Program?

Here at Robbins, we offer a variety of membership plans to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction motivates us to safeguard your systems from wear and tear.

Plan A: Bronze Benefits

  • $39 monthly payment option ($1.27 per day)
  • Complete 28-point inspection per system (two visits per year)
  • Discounted diagnostic rate
  • Reminder service
  • Pre-season scheduling
  • 1-year repair warranty
  • 5 percent demand-service discount

Plan B: Silver Benefits

  • $50 monthly payment option ($1.63 per day)
  • 10 percent demand-service discount
  • 48-hour response time
  • 1-year inflation protection
  • Quality assurance inspection and cleaning
  • No overtime
  • $25 Member Moolah Rewards accrual

Plan C: Gold Benefits

  • $64 monthly payment option ($2.10 per day)
  • 15% demand-service discount
  • 24-hour response time
  • 2-year inflation protection
  • $50 Member Moolah Rewards accrual
  • ACCA national standard tasks
  • 2-year repair warranty

Member Moolah Rewards Accrual Conditions

  • Member Moolah Rewards accrual can be used toward the purchase of any qualifying heating or air conditioning system and accessories.
  • Member Moolah Rewards accrual cannot be used toward the purchase of sheet metal work or repairs to existing equipment.
  • Member Moolah Rewards Accrual cannot be redeemed for cash value.
  • Customers must remain in the Valued Customer Club continuously without lapse to retain rewards accrual.

Reach Out And Join The Valued Customer Club Today!

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning is honored to serve Farmington and surrounding areas. By joining our Valued Customer Club, you can find peace of mind knowing your home systems are prepared to serve you! Contact us today to explore our membership options.