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person adjusting a smart thermostat to the right temperature
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Embrace convenience with smart thermostat tech!

Improved Comfort With Smart Thermostat Installations

Improved Comfort With Smart Thermostat Installations

There’s a lot of “smart” technology out there these days. Most of us carry a smartphone, a lot of our cars have smart technology and some of us go so far as to purchase refrigerators that connect to Wi-Fi and can detect when the milk is low.

With so much smart tech on the market, it can be difficult to feel confident about which devices to invest your money in. Is that smart coffee cup going to improve your life, or is it regulated to be a short-lived novelty, destined to find its way to a landfill as e-waste?

When it comes to HVAC technology, the folks here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning want to equip our customers with every bit of information they need to make informed decisions about the smart tech they purchase from our industry.

One device that we find to be a more than worthy investment is a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat installation, you could find yourself using and controlling your HVAC system in ways that you never previously thought possible.

5 Main Reasons To Switch To A Smart Thermostat

Many features make considering Farmington thermostat upgrade services a no-brainer. Aside from the fact that they contribute a small detail that greatly contributes to a far more modern aesthetic, here are the main benefits we are excited for our customers to know about!

person adjusting a smart thermostat to the right temperature

Cost Savings

Saving money is the biggest reason that gets people to make the switch to a smart thermostat. It’s been proven that when used correctly, a smart thermostat can annually save homeowners an average of 10-12% on heating efforts and up to 15% on cooling.

This means that smart thermostats are capable of saving homeowners enough money to cover their purchases within the first year.

Remote Control

Thanks to the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity, homeowners are no longer limited to standing in front of their physical thermostat when they want to adjust the temperature. Most smart thermostats come with an accompanying app that allows for total remote control of your HVAC system from virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.

Real-Time Data

Standard thermostats do nothing in the way of providing homeowners with information about the energy usage of their systems. Most people are limited to their home’s standard electric meter if they want any sort of information on their energy usage, and that can be clunky at best.

With a smart thermostat, homeowners can enjoy a wealth of information regarding their HVAC system’s energy use and consumption and, with that, have total control over their usage.

Adaptive Learning

With the interrelation of simple artificial intelligence, smart thermostats can extend the functionality of a standard thermostat to levels that would have approached science fiction just a few years ago.

Smart thermostats can learn from the occupants of the building they are installed in and, with that data, organize a customized temperature schedule that specifically caters to your needs in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Smart Home Integration

Many of us utilize smart home systems to interconnect the networked components of our homes and streamline their use. These systems allow us to control nearly everything in our homes, and smart thermostats are designed to integrate with nearly every type of smart home system — right out of the box.

Raise Your HVAC IQ With A Smart Thermostat Installation From Robbins

If you feel like you might benefit from the expansive list of features offered by a smart thermostat, then call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for the best thermostat replacement company in Farmington today!

From comprehensive whole-system installations to simple thermostat replacements, we approach every job with the same level of professionalism and are eager to prove to you why we’re the best.

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