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Will Thanksgiving Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

We’ve all heard it before: you feel so sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal because of the main event: the turkey. For years, people have credited extraordinary levels of tryptophan in turkey as the reason we all feel the need to nap after the annual feast. But contrary to this popular mythology, tryptophan is probably not he largest responsible party for your post-meal exhaustion.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which means it’s something that our bodies need but do not produce naturally. Your body uses tryptophan to help make vitamin B3 and serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that sends chemicals to the brain to aid in sleep. But in order to get this essential amino acid, we have to eat foods that contain it.

Turkey has somewhat high levels of tryptophan, but so do many other foods, including eggs, peanuts, chocolate, nuts, bananas, and most other meats and dairy products. In fact, ounce-for-ounce cheddar cheese contains a greater amount of tryptophan than turkey. In order for tryptophan to make you feel sleepy, you would have to consume it in excessive amounts, and serotonin is usually only produced by tryptophan on an empty stomach.

The truth is, overeating is largely responsible for the “food coma” many people describe post-Thanksgiving. It takes a lot of energy for your body to process a large meal, and the average Thanksgiving plate contains about twice as many calories as is recommended for daily consumption. If anything, high levels of fat in the turkey cause sleepiness, as they require a lot of energy for your body to digest. Lots of carbohydrates, alcohol, and probably a bit of stress may also be some of the reasons it feels so satisfying to lay down on the couch after the meal and finally get a little bit of shut-eye.

If you feel the need to indulge in a heaping dose of tryptophan this year, go ahead! Turkey also contains healthy proteins and may even provide a boost for your immune system. Here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy and contentment this year. Happy feasting!

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Why You Need Proper Duct Insulation

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The ductwork that runs through the walls and ceilings of a home is an essential part of the comfort system. Without correctly installed, maintained, and repaired ducts, a forced-air heating and cooling system will lose its energy efficiency, wasting money and leading to poor indoor comfort. However, since the ducts are out of your sight, it’s often easy to forget their importance and know when they need service, such as insulating them.

Keeping the ducts properly insulated is important for maintaining the energy-efficiency of your HVAC system. If you have ducts that are losing excess energy during winter and summer, you should contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Bloomfield, MN for insulation services for the ductwork. Our indoor air quality specialists are experienced with providing high quality duct insulation that helps homeowners keep their heating and air conditioning systems working at their best.

The Importance of Duct Insulation

To maintain high efficiency for a forced-air heater or air conditioner, the air that travels along the ductwork must neither lose nor gain heat from the outside. However, because the ducts pass through areas of the house that do not receive direct heating or air conditioning (such as closed-off spaces between walls) it is very easy for them to lose energy. During the winter, the ducts will start to lose heat to the cold around them, and in the summer the high temperatures will warm the ducts and the cooled air inside. Either situation will make your home less comfortable as poorly conditioned air exits the vents.

This loss of energy will also mean your heater or air conditioner will need to work harder to reach its target temperature, and you will experience much higher bills for comfort. You could also risk repair needs and early aging for the system because of this overwork.

It takes skilled professionals to provide the right insulation levels for your ductwork in the places that require it. You should call on our insulation experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to handle this job for you. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who are dedicated to bringing our customers the best service possible for their ductwork. We back every job with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we offer upfront pricing so you always know what the work will cost before we get started. For ductwork insulation in Bloomfield, NM and the surrounding areas, make us your first call.

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Why You Need Professionals for Your Commercial Heating

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

You’re very busy as an owner or manager of a commercial property. So when your commercial HVAC system is in need of repairs, you may feel tempted to simply flip through the phone book or run a quick internet search for a close and convenient heating technician. However, if you don’t choose a commercial specialist trained on large commercial HVAC systems, you simply cannot get the service that you need. Commercial services should only be left to professionals with large-scale commercial heating training. Take a look at a few of the services that go more smoothly when you choose professionals.

Commercial Installation

Commercial heating installation is a job that absolutely must be left in the hands of professionals. First of all, sizing a commercial heating system is an extremely complex job. Technicians must take into account not only the size of the building, but also the number of floors, the type of insulation, number and placement of windows, and many other factors. And without a working knowledge of large commercial HVAC systems, a technician may forget to adjust an important component, neglect any zone control needs, or install the system in an insecure manner.

Commercial Repairs

When you’re in need of commercial HVAC repairs, you need the job completed as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Choosing professionals for repairs means you’ve chosen a contractor already familiar with your type of system, who can quickly and easily locate all of the major components to diagnose the repair need.

Annual Maintenance

Another service for which you may require professionals is commercial HVAC maintenance. This is one of the most often neglected services available to business owners, but also one of the most important. During a maintenance visit, a technician cleans, adjusts, and inspects many of the components of your commercial heating system. This keeps your utilities low and prevents repairs as it ensures that everything is working in top shape. Your technician will also let you know if any component of your system is in need of repairs—but only a trained specialist knows exactly what signs to look out for.

Call the commercial heating specialists at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule a service appointment today for quality commercial HVAC services in Aztec.

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Should I Consider Ductless Heating Installation?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

That entirely depends on what you’re looking for in a home heating system. Ductless heating systems are very different from a lot of the more traditional options on the market. The closest thing they could be compared to is heat pumps, with a lot of the same advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’ll cover what a ductless heating system is, what its advantages are, and what its disadvantages are.

What is a Ductless Heating System?

A ductless heating system is comprised of two units, one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor unit is usually secured to a wall or ceiling inside the room to be heated, while the outdoor unit is on the exterior right above or next to it. Like a heat pump, the outdoor unit will draw in thermal energy and shunt it to the indoor unit, where it will be used to warm and circulate air into the room. It is called a ductless system because the unit delivers the warm air directly to the target area, instead of moving it from one side of the house to the other through ducts.

What are the Advantages?

First off, a ductless heating system is quite energy efficient. It’s not a combustion heater, so it doesn’t have to burn fuel. All a ductless heating system needs is electricity and heat from the air outside. Since a ductless system only serves one room, it also tends to heat that room much faster, preventing the need for it to be on longer. If you have multiple ductless systems installed, you can set each room to a different temperature. This is a big plus for a lot of homeowners, as they appreciate the precise control that ductless heating provides.

What are the Disadvantages?

Since the ductless system only heats one room, you’ll need to install one in each room you want heated. This isn’t usually more expensive than a central air system, but it is an involved installation process. Ductless units can also take up a fair amount of wall or ceiling space, so it’s wise to take measurements before committing.

If you’re considering having ductless heating installed, call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule an appointment with us. We offer professional heating system services in the Farmington area.

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