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You Might Need an IAQ System If…

There are two key factors that play a role in keeping your home comfortable: air temperature and air quality. Temperature is controllable via your heater as you may have guessed but how in the world are you supposed to control the quality of the air in your house? With the help of an indoor air quality system of course!

Indoor air quality (IAQ) systems are going to help you tackle some of the biggest issues that are hindering your home from enjoying good clean air. Not sure how to tell if you could use an IAQ system? We have the answers, systems, and services you need.

Do I Need an IAQ System?

You don’t want to invest in a system you don’t need. We get that. This is why we have some easy guidelines to help you figure out if an air purifier in Farmington, NM or another type of system would be helpful to you. You may need one of these systems if…

  1. The kitchen smells like the last meal you cooked constantly. You cooked bacon two days ago and washed the dishes so why does it still smell like bacon? If scents like these tend to stick around for far too long an air purifier can help to flush them out.
  2. There aren’t enough dust rags to tackle the dust bunnies in your home. Everyone has to do battle with airborne dust and debris in their home. If you are dusting on a daily basis though and you feel like you can never make a dent in the layer of dust on the surfaces in your house, an air filter can be a great solution.
  3. Allergy season is whenever you walk in the door. Dust, fur, pollen, and other airborne particles can all serve as triggers for allergy issues. While there isn’t much we can do to counteract this when outdoors, filters or purifiers can help remove these airborne irritants from your home to help ease the sneezing fits.
  4. Fluffy has a doppelganger made just of the fur they’ve shredded. You love your pet even with how much they shed. When brushing Fluffy and cleaning regularly can’t seem to stem the fuzzy tide though it may mean that you should consider an air filter to help remove some of that fur and dander from the air in your home.
  5. People in your home get sick fairly often. Viruses and bacteria can enter your home and get you or your loved ones sick. One way to keep this to a minimum is with the help of a purifier. Air purifiers can destroy or remove viruses and bacteria, helping to reduce the frequency of sickness around the house.
  6. Your heater can’t function well anymore. Whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, poor air quality can mess with your system’s ability to do its job. If you have noticed that your heater can’t seem to keep the house warm, it may be due to dry air or overly dirty air that is making things harder than they need to be. Humidifiers and filters can be a great help with this.
  7. The air in the home is sucking the moisture out of everything. Do you have wood furniture that is starting to crack and split? Or is your skin overly dry and starting to become irritated? Dry air in the house could be the culprit and a humidifier can be a great solution.

Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to get the IAQ boost you need. Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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