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Is Your Insulation Up to Snuff?

It is stuffed into your walls and layered around the attic or crawlspace in your home. Insulation is out of sight but it does a lot of work for the sake of your comfort. Without insulation, it would be harder to keep cool air in the house during summer and, likewise, harder to hold in the heat during winter.

People may take their insulation for granted over the years. What we mean by that is too many homeowners forget to check on the condition of their insulation to see if it is starting to suffer and that can lead to issues.

Is your insulation in Farmington, NM up to snuff? Here’s how to check on it and what to do if you think your insulation needs help.

The Difference Your Insulation Makes

Before you invest money in revitalizing your insulation, you may wonder if the cost is worth it. Does your insulation really do anything?

While insulating doesn’t exactly move, it still has a big impact on your comfort even if it is just “sitting there.” Insulation provides what is known as a thermal barrier. The basic idea is that this added layer stops the transfer of heat in and out of your home, along with keeping dirt and unwanted humidity out of the house too.

Insulation can help reduce energy bills, improve your comfort level, and even help you enjoy better indoor air quality.

Signs Your Insulation is In Bad Shape

It can be hard to figure out if something has gone wrong with your insulation. Here are some of the indicators that can help hint that you need a technician to check things out:

  • You notice it is harder to heat the home and it cools off more quickly.
  • Your energy bills have gone up despite your heater being in optimal condition and no changes in you overall system use.
  • You notice areas of the home are drafty.
  • Your walls or ceilings are cold to the touch.

If you start to pick up on these warning signs, it is best to have a professional check things out.

How to Address Insulation Issues

So, have you noticed something seems wrong with your insulation? If so, it means it is time to call in the professionals. Water, age, and the changes in weather can wear down your insulation but a professional technician can get things back into shape.

Our expert technicians are here to help you achieve the best comfort and energy efficiency level in your home. We know how vital your insulation is to all of this. That is why we want you to know that you can come to us for insulation services. Whether you need repairs or a major overhaul of the insulation throughout your house, you can count on us to get the job done.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to get the comfort your deserve.

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