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How to Find a High-Efficiency Heating System

We always tell our customers how important it is to find heating and cooling equipment that is marked for high-efficiency. The more efficient the heating system, the lower your monthly payments. And typically, with proper care and maintenance, this can offset the higher cost of the installation.

So ask your local technicians about financing options. Work closely with a qualified, experienced heating technician. And follow this advice for finding a high-efficiency heating system for your home.

Learn about the AFUE System

AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. A higher AFUE rating means a more efficient system. And this will save you money, for the most part.

The rating system uses percentages. A higher percentage means the system is more capable of using the energy it takes in to actually heat your home. In other words, less energy is wasted.

Keep in mind, however, that electric furnaces will still likely cost more to run, even with a 100 AFUE rating. Electricity simply costs more and we recommend gas furnaces to anyone with that option.

Look for Variable-Speed or Dual-Stage Systems

Typically, a heating or air conditioning system can only run at one speed: high. But you don’t need your heater to be on the highest at all times.

A furnace that is able to reduce its speed or heat output as needed maintains more accurate temperatures. More importantly, it’ll save you some money. Running the system at half speed is more efficient than running a heater that constantly turns on and off at a high speed. Look for a dual-stage motor or a blower fan with variable-speed settings.

Consider a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a different kind of heating system. That’s because it’s actually an air conditioner.  But it can run in reverse, essentially.

Most air conditioners remove heat from the home using refrigeration. But the same process— absorbing heat to move from place to place—can be used to move he into a space. That’s how a heat pump works, and it requires electricity to run. However, because moving heat is a more efficient process than generating heat, it won’t cost as much to operate.

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