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How an Upgraded Thermostat Can Make for Better Heating

It is an often-overlooked component of your heating system, but your thermostat is a powerful little instrument. It tells your heating system when to turn on and off, and does so by keeping track of your indoor air temperature. Without your thermostat, your heating system can’t work properly, which is why your thermostat should be one of the first places you look when seeking to improve your home’s heating in Aztec.

Types of Thermostats

It wasn’t too long ago that choices of thermostats were limited to either a dial or slide type of thermostat. Neither of these types of thermostats are particularly advanced; in fact, you can’t even target an exact degree setting with either one. Today there are four main types of thermostats that can help you and your heating:

  • Digital
  • Programmable
  • Wireless
  • Smart

Why upgrade? Here are some reasons:

  • Better energy efficiency – with any of the above-listed types of thermostats, you can precisely set your thermostat. Even a 2-3 degree difference can save you energy and money each month, and being able to precisely set your thermostat as opposed to aiming at a range can help you achieve this.
  • Convenience – the programmability of some thermostats allows you to set a program for seven days so that you don’t have to constantly adjust your thermostat in an effort to save money. The seven day programs can even be looped continuously, allowing for maximum convenience.
  • Better comfort – precise temperature setting and programming allow you to be more comfortable while also saving energy.
  • Remote managing – with a smart thermostat, you can access your heating system from any smart device by using a simple app. Not only can you set the temperature and program from a smart device, you can track and monitor your energy usage.
  • Easy to read – the face of digital thermostats are easier to read and have intuitive buttons for easier use.

The best way to ensure that your new thermostat is installed correctly is to hire a professional. The experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., can advise you on the type of thermostat best suited for your home and then install it; they can also instruct you on how to put your thermostat to best use. Call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today and see how a new thermostat can help your heating in Aztec.

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