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Why Is the Furnace Putting Out Cool Air?

shivering-woman-scarfIt’s important to pay attention to subtle problems with your heating system, no matter how small they may be. Even the smallest problems should not be ignored, as a furnace cannot fix itself and can only worsen.

Of course, there are those problems you couldn’t ignore if you tried, too. When your furnace puts out cold air instead of warm, you want to do something—fast. So what’s the deal? Could you repair it on your own? Will you have to replace the furnace?

It Could Be the Thermostat

First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to check the thermostat. You may have the fan controls set to “on” instead of “auto.” The “on” setting simply makes the fan motor run, not the furnace, so cool or temperate air is blowing out of the vents at all time. You want the fan set to “auto” so that the fan turns off as the furnace cycles off.

If the thermostat does not appear to be functioning properly, try changing the batteries. Double- and triple-check that the thermostat is in the right mode (heating) and that the temperature is manually set higher than the room temperature. It’s possible the thermostat needs replacement, but often another component is to blame.

Check the Pilot Light

If your heater uses a standing pilot light, a standard feature in many gas furnaces, you may have to relight it. Check manufacturer instructions for lighting the pilot light, or call in a heating technician if you are not sure. The pilot light can go out unexpectedly if, for example, the gas company does work on the utility lines. Keep in mind, however, that many modern gas furnaces s use electronic ignition systems that do not have a standing pilot.

How Are Your Ducts?

Air ducts are simply a path from the air conditioner and heater to the vents in your home. But the way they’re designed and installed can make or break your heating this winter. Often, we discover ducts are poorly insulated, allowing heat to leak into attics instead of heating the home, or there may be air ducts that are damaged or broken off.

It May Be the Flame Sensor

If the flame sensor within your furnace does not detect a flame, it will stop the furnace from igniting (helping you to avoid a gas leak). However, your ignition system may be working just fine, and still shut off if a flame sensor is dirty and not properly detecting a flame. In this case, it often just needs to be cleaned.

New System? You Could Be Out of Luck

Unfortunately, if you’ve recently gotten a brand-new furnace and it’s running into these types of issues, it might have to do with the sizing of the system. Too often, furnaces are not properly sized for a home, meaning they either do not have enough power to heat the whole house (undersized) or they run in brief cycles that may not be enough to fully heat the home (oversized).

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