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Benefits of a Zone Control System for Your New Heating Installation

Central forced air heating is convenient in many ways. However, it has its own share of issues. Relying on only one thermostat is very inefficient, as it can only sense temperature changes in one small area of the house. Central heating also lacks any sort of control over how much heat it supplies to each area of the house. The heater turns on, stays on until the thermostat is satisfied, then turns off. There is no consideration for other areas of the house that may not have warmed up enough yet, or are perhaps too warm for some reason. Luckily, zone control systems solve for all of those problems. Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing zone control in your new heating system.

What is Zone Control?

A zone control system consists of a series of large valves, called “dampers” that are installed in the ductwork. One damper is installed for each room, and a separate thermostat is hooked up to each damper. This means that each room has its own thermostat. When the thermostat in the room needs heat, it opens the damper and activates the central heating system.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit of zone control heating is that it restricts the heating system to areas that need it. If the master bedroom is warm, but the living room is freezing, a zone control system will ensure that only the living room receives heat. This evens out the climate across the house, which isn’t really possible when relying on one thermostat.

Zone control systems also save money. By restricting the airflow to certain sections of the house, the zone control system lessens the time that the heater has to stay on. After all, it’s a whole lot easier to heat one or two rooms than it is to heat the entire house all the time. In this way, a zone control system can make your house both more comfortable and cheaper to heat.

If you’re interested in installing a zone control system, call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule an appointment with us. We provide quality heating installation in the Farmington, NM area.

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