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Commercial Air Conditioners Need Commercial Technicians

rooftop-commercial-unitYou may be the best automotive engine mechanic around, but that does not qualify you to work on an airplane engine, does it? Will there be some overlap and shared concepts between the two fields? Absolutely. Will you have more working knowledge of that airplane engine than the average Joe on the street thanks to your mechanical background? Absolutely. However, that does not mean that your skills are equatable or interchangeable with those of a qualified airplane mechanic.

The same basic concept rings true for commercial air conditioning systems. When you need commercial air conditioning service in Aztec, NM, you need to be working with technicians that are truly experts in the field. There are many great residential HVAC technicians around,  but the scope and complexity of commercial systems make them their own specialized field. Fortunately for you, we employ some of the finest commercial technicians around. Contact us to have your commercial systems serviced properly.

Commercial Technicians Know These Systems Inside and Out

Like we said, there is a lot of overlap in commercial HVAC and residential HVAC systems. The cooling process of a refrigerant-based system does not actually change due to its application or the size of the system, after all. The way in which these systems are installed and serviced can differ greatly, though.

Rooftop package units, for instance, are very popular in commercial applications. While combination rooftop units may also be used residentially, the ones used for commercial properties have much, much higher power demands, and they are much more difficult to get into place. This is especially true on those commercial properties where multiple spaces share one building. That requires maneuvering around the other business’ equipment.

Adaptability to the space is an important factor to consider, as well. Think about your home. You probably have air ducts that all connect to one central cooling system, and those ducts circulate cooled air all throughout your home. Fairly simple, right?

That is in stark contrast to a commercial space that is divided up for different uses within. Zoning out such a system, integrating point of use specific controls throughout the building, and other planning is going to be necessary. Even before the actual installation of the equipment, it is clear that a commercial AC system is going to require some extra know-how.

Finally, there are matters of humidity control and drainage to consider. You probably know that a central air conditioning system used in a house, while not a dehumidifier, does have some dehumidification effects on the air in that building. On the commercial scale, there is a lot more humidity to deal with. These buildings are often highly trafficked and tightly sealed.

Drainage via a single condensate drain line and pan just is not feasible. Our commercial  AC technicians will make sure that the system is set up to remove this moisture from the property successfully, though. From drainage to ventilation and the actual cooling of your property itself, we do it all.

Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for your commercial AC services. Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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