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3 Reasons to Change Your AC’s Air Filter

You may know that there is a replaceable filter in your air conditioner (if you have a refrigerant based whole-home system) but you might be unsure of why you need to replace it. This is common among customers we talk to. Many assume it primarily has to do with the air quality. And while changing the filter can have an impact on the number of allergens in the air, there are a few more reasons we always recommend changing it once a month—no matter how good your air quality is.

It’s Humid

It’s monsoon season here in New Mexico, which means the air is a lot more humid than it normally is. High moisture levels allow water to build up on the inside of your AC system quickly, but a good drainage system should take care of that.

But when your filter is clogged, and there is not enough warm air coming into your AC system, this moisture may freeze. An icy coil causes a lot of damage to your air conditioner, which may become overworked and break down. Changing the filter each month regulates airflow.

You’re Paying Too Much

When the filter has a buildup of dirt and debris, air cannot get through to the system in the way it is supposed to. That’s when you end up paying more on your energy costs, when your AC system has to work harder in an attempt to pull air through. A filter may cost you money as well, but it’s important to do what you can to save energy and manage airflow properly.

It’s Easy

Finally, you should change your filter because it’s not really a difficult task—but it’s one that can keep you from having to make major repairs, deal with discomfort, have unhealthy air, or pay high bills. Stock up on filters early in the year and know where yours is located. Write it into your calendar or set phone reminders so you don’t forget.

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