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Commercial AC Units Still Need Expert Support

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

You already know that the temperatures in our area never cool down for long – even in winter. That means you’re likely running your AC unit to cool your business for the majority of the year. And you need to be able to depend on your cooling system every day. If your unit is working just fine, you may not have AC maintenance on your mind.

But you definitely want to stay ahead of AC repairs – especially when it comes to your business. So if you need maintenance for your commercial AC in Bloomfield, NM, give us a call. By the time you notice warning signs that your AC needs attention, it may already be too late. Damage can add up quickly when just a single component stops working correctly. 

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Swamp Cooler Vs. Central AC: Which Is Right For You?

Monday, August 8th, 2022

A refrigerant-based air conditioner isn’t the only option out there for you. There is also the option of an evaporative or swamp cooler to consider.

The goal of both systems is to make sure that you can enjoy a nice, cool home. But these systems work very differently from each other.

Let’s explore the basics of how a central AC in Farmington, NM cools your home versus an evaporative cooler. With this knowledge in mind, you can make a more informed decision about what kind of system is right for your home’s comfort needs.

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What time of day do I run my swamp cooler?

Friday, August 5th, 2022

It’s the peak of summer and you’re wondering if you should crank up your swamp cooler to try and beat the heat.

robbins fixing a swamp cooler in farmington nm

How A Swamp Cooler Works

Because of our dry climate, swamp coolers can be effective cooling systems. They take in dry air, moisten it by running it through soaked pads, and pump that newly cooled air into your home. This not only adds moisture to your home but simultaneously cools it down.

So they are a cheaper option than refrigerated air and work well in dry climates, and evaporative coolers cool the air they bring into the home by 10-20°. So the air being circulated through your home is 10-20° less than the temperature outside. If there is more humidity in the air, that equals less cooling potential because the air is already moist.

Insulation also plays a part in cooling your home. Good, quality insulation will help hold that cool air in, bringing your home’s temperature down. If air is able to escape, then the overall temperature may not be as low due to that cooler air being able to get out.

And something to note, swamp coolers only cool the air they bring in, not necessarily the whole home. So it may seem like you’re running your evaporative cooler more. So should you run your cooler all day then, to help keep out the heat?

Run your evaporative cooler from early morning till afternoon, then give it a rest.

Here’s why.

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