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Thursday, September 29th, 2016

We have installed so many Fujitsu systems this year we have make Fujitsu ELITE CONTRACTOR STATUS! What does that mean? It means if we install your system, you get an extended warranty automatically! Customers receive an extra two years’ parts and compressor warranty for select HALYCON products (see warranty for details)

Being a Fujitsu ELITE Contractor is no easy task.

To become Fujitsu ELITE a contractor must:

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Why a Pleated Filter May Not Be the Right Choice for Your Heating and Cooling System

Monday, September 26th, 2016

If you have had air quality issues inside of your home, you might be looking into all of the solutions available. Chances are high that your air conditioning and heating system currently has a filter in place (we hope!), but it’s likely a standard fiberglass filter.

When you shop around for replacement filters, you might notice another common type, pleated media filters which may cost a bit more but do offer more powerful filtration. Learn more about why this may or may not be the right choice!

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Heating Maintenance Provides Safety and Efficiency This Year

Monday, September 19th, 2016

We know that the weather is actually quite nice this time of year, so you may not be thinking much about your whole-home heating system just yet. But pleasant weather is exactly what prompts us to encourage homeowners to seek out service for their heating systems.

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Get a System that Heats and Cools Your Whole Home

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Heating systems and cooling systems are usually two completely separate units. They may have been installed at the same time. They are likely controlled with the same thermostat. They could even use the same fan to suck in air and move it throughout your home. However, the standard setup still consists of two different units: the furnace and the air conditioner.

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Check Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers This Time of the Year

Monday, September 5th, 2016

As we move into the heating season, you’ll need to rely on equipment that could put your home at risk for fires and other safety issues. While a heating system maintenance visit and proper use and care help to prevent this from happening, you never know what can happen. You’ll need to make sure that you have the right detection and extinguishing equipment around, just in case.

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2016 Company Bar-b-que

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Having a barbecue for our team is a small way to say THANK YOU for all of their hard work each and every summer. We have been short-handed this year and every single person on our team has worked their tail off to keep up with the work!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the Robbins team members, each and everyone one!!! Steve, Michelle, Drew, Holly, Levi, Richard, Denanuel, Josh, Coy, and Amanda!

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