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How to Tell Your Insulation Needs Help

Did you know that the insulation in your home is important year-round?

We often think of insulation as something we want around only in the wintertime to keep out the cold. And while that is exactly the kind of thing good housing insulation does, it can work the other way too.

A home with good insulation can keep the heat and humidity out of your home for longer, improving your comfort. Or, at least, it should. If you have started to notice the house is heating up faster or maybe there are areas of the home that have hot spots, it may be a sign something is wrong with your home’s insulation.

The Modern Home Is Made to Be Efficient

Your insulation is a part of the “building envelope” of your home. That envelope consists of the parts of your home that serve as the separator between the outdoor air and your indoor environment. This can include everything from your exterior doors and windows to your insulation and more.

The quality of your building envelope plays a huge role in your home’s efficiency level. When a building envelope is “well-sealed” it means there is less opportunity for outside air to enter the home. This can keep you more comfortable for a longer amount of time while diminishing the amount of work your HVAC system has to do.

What Happens When Insulation Wear Out?

Your insulation is one part of your building envelope but it plays a huge role. Without it, there would be very little to serve as a thermal barrier between the air outside of your home and that inside your house. When things go wrong with your insulation, it allows all of that outdoor air a new route into your house and creates problems like:

  • Poor energy efficiency from your HVAC equipment: With outside air entering the home faster, your system has to run longer and more often.
  • Poor indoor air quality: More airborne contaminants will find their way into your home.
  • Poor comfort: As you can guess, problems with your insulation will make it much harder to keep your home, and you, comfortable.

Work With Our Team For Insulation Services That Make a Difference

So what exactly can happen that undermines the quality of your insulation? Time and weather! These factors have the ability to wear down just about everything, including your insulation. The question is, how do you handle it when you discover your home has an insulation issue?

Your best course of action is to contact our team to schedule your insulation service. We can assess the state of your insulation and provide assistance that gets your home back to its “well-sealed” state again. That is why we work with both blown-in and batt insulation.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! We’ve proudly served residents throughout San Juan County since 2003.

You can trust Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for your insulation services in Farmington, NM. Read on to learn if and when you should ask about insulation help or simply click to contact us today.

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