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How you can easily maintain your Farmington HVAC system

Let us maintain your HVAC unit in farmington nm
Let us maintain your HVAC unit!

If you’re in Farmington or anywhere in San Juan County, you’re thinking about basic home maintenance and repairs, you probably imagine a list of tasks that have to be tackled over an entire weekend.

But one of the easiest ways to get ahead on any major HVAC repairs or issues is to stay on top of HVAC system maintenance with these three easy steps. 

Change your filters regularly

As a landlord or homeowner, you may not realize that the best thing you can do for the life of your HVAC system is to change your filter. A dirty filter is the #1 cause of repairs in peak seasons. Based on your situation, the recommended filter replacement is as follows:

  • Single occupant without pets or allergies: 6-12 months
  • A suburban home without pets or allergies: 90 days
  • A suburban home with pets or allergies: 60 days

Not all filters are created equal! Although pleated filters are the most popular filter to use, they may not be what’s best for your system. In the summertime, they can restrict airflow and freeze up your AC system if your current ductwork isn’t efficient enough. Consider whole system solutions that tackle pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses such as the Reme Halo. This is a small unit that is placed in your air supply ducts and improves the air quality of your home. 

Schedule regular maintenance on your HVAC system

Regular maintenance is required by most manufacturers as warranties may be void without regular maintenance. The average life to expect from a forced-air system is 15 years. Regular maintenance gives you more life from your system! Over time this gives you a higher return on investment.

Budget for scheduled maintenance to occur on your HVAC system twice a year. Unless you have a swamp cooler, preventative maintenance can happen at ANY time during the year. In the middle of summer, your system can be tested under working conditions and problems can be spotted easier than if the system has sat cold all winter, similar to a cardiologist’s heart stress test. If maintenance is performed as the season is closing, it’s easy to catch any parts going out before they cause problems next season. This regular upkeep will ensure the parts remain in good working order and your system is functioning optimally. 

Keep the area surrounding your unit clean

While it may go without saying, sometimes we need reminders to check on the outdoor unit to make sure that the most recent storm didn’t cover the unit in debris, or to determine if nearby trees and foliage may need to be trimmed to allow safe and easy access to the unit.

Always call Robbins Heating & Air in Farmington, NM to perform maintenance on your AC units or if you have questions about how to improve the air quality of your home!

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