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Why Your Furnace Shouldn’t Be Booming

Any usual sounds coming from your furnace are never a good thing. But some sounds are more concerning than others. Booming sounds are particularly concerning if you have a gas furnace and require immediate attention. 

If you hear a booming sound, it’s time to schedule gas furnace repair in San Juan County, NM. Allowing the problem to continue could lead to significant heater damage that requires a complete system overhaul. You can keep reading to learn more about what a booming sound means and why it is so dangerous for your gas furnace.

What Causes a Furnace Booming Sound?

Your gas furnace has a very specific ignition process. Since there is an active flame and gas being released into the chamber, the process has to be precise. Any deviations from what is considered normal operation can have a major impact on how your gas furnace operates. A booming sound is one of the most dangerous noises you can hear coming from your gas furnace.

If the flame does not ignite when it should, gas continues releasing into the chamber, building up at a higher rate than what is necessary for ignition. When the flame finally does light, it causes a small explosion inside of the chamber due to the heat excess gas build-up.

Booming Sound Concerns

This explosion puts a lot of pressure on the air tight heat exchanger. If the problem continues, these explosions can damage your heat exchanger to the point that it is no longer repairable and your entire furnace has to be replaced.

But despite hearing a booming sound, you may not even realize that your heat exchanger is damaged at first. Even the smallest crack can allow gas fumes and exhaust to leak into your home and mix in with clean air. Gas fumes are very dangerous to breathe in and can even be fatal. Exhaust can make your home smell bad and may be the first indication that your heat exchanger is cracked.

What to Do Next

If you suspect that your heat exchanger is cracked, turn your heater off completely and do not use it until our team has an opportunity to complete an inspection. If you’re hearing a booming sound for the first time, it is equally important to turn your heater off. 

Allowing the small explosions to continue happening can put enough strain on your heat exchanger that we cannot fix the resulting damage. If we are able to address the ignition issue, we can save your heat exchanger and protect it from future damage. But once the heat exchanger is cracked, it cannot be repaired.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give the Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning team a call to schedule your appointment for furnace service and let us do it right the first time!

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