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Repairs an Electric Furnace May Need

An electric furnace allows homes without a connection to a gas line to enjoy the benefits of a furnace’s heating power. Electric furnaces also require fewer repairs than gas furnaces—but they will still need repair work from time to time.

It is crucial that you never attempt furnace repair on your own whenever you detect that something is wrong with the heater. Although an electric furnace offers fewer hazards than a natural gas furnace, it is still too complicated an electrical device for you to manage unless you have professional training. Instead, call on HVAC experts in heating repair in Aztec, NM, like the skilled technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer 24-hour emergency service.

Some repairs you may need for your electric furnace

  • Heating element replacement: The heart of an electric furnace is the array of electrical heating elements that create the heat that transfer to the air that is then sent out through the blower into the ventilation system. The heating elements consist of coils that grow hot as electric current runs through them. A heating element can burn out, just as any electrical device. If you notice that your electric furnace isn’t providing as much heat as it used to, the issue may be that one of the elements is burnt out and needs to be replaced.
  • Wiring repairs: A malfunctioning furnace will sometimes cause tripped circuit breakers whenever it turns on. When this occurs repeatedly, call on professionals to see what wiring troubles may lay behind this problem and fix them.
  • Blower motor repairs: The motor that runs the blower fan does an immense amount of mechanical work, more than any other part of the furnace, and without regular maintenance it can start to lose lubrication and wear down to the point of burning out. If the airflow from your furnace stops, you probably have a broken blower motor or damaged relays, and a technician can either repair or replace it.

Keep in mind that although an electrical furnace may still continue to operate even with a malfunction, it will operate less efficiently and drain extra power. A poorly working electric furnace can become quite expensive to run! Don’t pay more for home heating than you have to, and never settle for lesser performance form your furnace: call for professional heating repair service in Aztec, NM from Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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