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How Regular Preventive Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Furnace

No heating system can be expected to operate at its best without any sort of maintenance. Though this means that you should be calling for furnace repair any time you suspect a problem, it also means that you should be scheduling preventive maintenance at least once a year. Let’s examine why preventive maintenance is so vital to ensuring a long, healthy lifespan for your furnace.

Greater Mitigation

Most people won’t schedule maintenance for their furnace until it starts displaying some kind of aberrant or strange behavior. They’re counting on these symptoms and indications to warn them of any impending issues, and assume that if these symptoms are absent, then the furnace is fine. This isn’t actually the case. There are many issues that can afflict a furnace which have no discernable symptoms, unless you actually open up the unit and know what you’re looking for. If you wait to address issues with your furnace until you notice a problem, it can cost you quite a bit more to fix it.

Preventive maintenance allows the HVAC technician to identify and fix problems before the progress to the point where they adversely affect your system. Even with problems that do provide warning signs, preventive maintenance will catch them far before you notice them.

Addressing Wear and Tear

As a furnace ages, the various parts that make up the system will start to accumulate wear and tear from normal use. At first, this isn’t a problem, but as the wear and tear mounts various parts of the system will start to lose efficiency. This loss of efficiency will result in your system having to work longer and longer to achieve the same target temperature. You may not have a major problem with your furnace (yet) but you may be spending more money than you need to on heating due to worn parts in the furnace.

Preventive maintenance can identify which parts should be replaced, either because they’re about to fail or because they just aren’t doing a good enough job. This keeps your furnace running as smoothly as possible from year to year.

If you haven’t scheduled preventive maintenance for your furnace in a while, call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We provide professional furnace services throughout the Aztec area.

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