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Heating Maintenance Provides Safety and Efficiency This Year

We know that the weather is actually quite nice this time of year, so you may not be thinking much about your whole-home heating system just yet. But pleasant weather is exactly what prompts us to encourage homeowners to seek out service for their heating systems.

This year, don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money and stay safe. Schedule heating maintenance with a local technician so that your heater operates smoothly once temperatures do start to decline.

Know That Your Heater Is Safe

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide leaks kill hundreds of people a year, and gas leaks are also a possibility with any natural gas appliance (like a gas furnace). You likely wouldn’t be able to identify a hole in a heat exchanger or a faulty gas connection—two things that put your home and family at risk.

Schedule heating service this year before the weather gets chilly and get an inspection to see that your heater operates as safely as possible. In addition, we recommend installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if you don’t already have them.

Annual Tune-Ups Keep Your System Operating Efficiently

A tune-up can get your heating system into better shape so that it operates efficiently for the upcoming seasons. A tune-up typically includes two parts: an inspection and some adjustments. The inspection allows you to identify major problems with the system so you can schedule repairs now. This means your system is able to operate smoothly and efficiently without a high risk of sudden failure in the winter.

A few adjustments here and there can also allow a heater to run efficiently for longer. This means lower monthly bills! Studies show that many heaters operate inefficiently and fail sooner than they should due to neglect.

Be sure to schedule your maintenance session this fall before the weather becomes severe (or, preferably, before you have to run your heater this year). That way, you avoid the rush and feel confident going into the winter!

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is your source for heating maintenance in Farmington, NM. Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Ask about our maintenance plans!

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