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Have Your Furnace Tuned Up Today!

We know Halloween is right around the corner, but the cobwebs in your heating system have got to go. Your furnace needs attention each year in order to perform at its best, most efficient state. When you call a local heating technician to maintain your furnace, you may notice that your system performs even better than it did at the end of the previous season, and regular tune-ups can actually increase the lifespan of the unit!

What’s Involved in a Heating Maintenance Visit?

When a technician shows up to your home for a maintenance visit, they should do more than just clear out the cobwebs. One of the most important steps is a comprehensive inspection for issues with performance and for any potential safety problems. If there’s a problem within the furnace, your technician will tell you so that you can schedule the proper service to get it corrected.

But some tuning up is done on the spot. Cleaning is an important part of tuning up a furnace, as cleaner mechanical components are able to move easily so that the entire system can run smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, electrical connections are tightened. Anything loose in the system is adjusted. Settings are calibrated and, in some cases, filters are replaced. Ask your local technicians for the specific of their maintenance plan.

Why Schedule a Furnace Tune Up?

Heating and air conditioning equipment tends to take up the bulk of a home’s energy bills. After everything is running smoothly, utilities may drop, and you can feel better about your environmental impact as well. Additionally, the system will perform better and deliver more overall comfort. It can potentially be around for longer too, as heating maintenance can actually extend the lifespan of a system.

Contact the Aztec, NM heating specialists at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and ask about our Halloween special! Call us for a Precision Tune-up to clear the cobwebs from your furnace and receive your filters free! A $25 value.

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