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Have You Checked Your Filter Lately?

replace-filterWhen a person has “no filter” it means they are likely to say some…less than kosher things. When an HVAC system has a bad filter though, things can get dirty and unpleasant pretty fast. What we mean is that having a bad filter is never a good thing, especially when the bad filter is part of your heating system.

Checking your filter is an important part of your yearly heater maintenance in Aztec, NM. If you have been avoiding that maintenance or even brushed off a reminder that it might be time to check on your filter, we want to point out how important this seemingly minor part of your HVAC system is and why checking on it is a good idea.

What Does a Filter Do?

A filter is a membrane that is built to be a part of your HVAC system. The entire purpose of your filter is to filter the air going through your HVAC system and capture dust, debris and, in some cases, other contaminants such as bacteria or allergens.

How Does a Filter Help My Heater?

Your filter is pretty important to the regular operation of your heating system. This is because without it the internal components of your heater would become coated with dust and debris, which would lead to a host of issues such as delayed ignition, problems creating heat and more. Your heater’s filter, however, captures a multitude of contaminants that would otherwise mess with your system, keeping it clean and running happily. This is why checking and replacing or cleaning your filter is so important to your heater’s maintenance checks; this seemingly unassuming part of your system can have a huge impact on energy efficiency whenever you try to warm your home.

Your Filter Helps Your Indoor Air Quality, Too

Remember all that dust that your filter is capturing? Well, it isn’t just keeping it out of your heater; your filter keeps that stuff out of your home as a whole. By capturing and holding onto airborne contaminants, your filter can improve and maintain indoor air quality that is at the level you want.

So, When Did You Last Check Your Filter?

If the answer to this question is, “Within the last year,” we would suggest you take another look at your filter. Most filters need to be changed out or cleaned every few months to keep up efficiency and a good IAQ level. If you aren’t sure how to do this, or you aren’t comfortable with doing it, we are happy to help. The team at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is trained, certified, and ready to give you a hand when it comes to taking care of your HVAC heating system. 

When you need a filter change, or simply a full system maintenance check, we will be available to come when you call.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your appointment.

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