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Don’t Put Off Heater Service

couple-coffee-floorSo far, your heating system has usually performed just as you needed it to for the short winter seasons we have in New Mexico. When you start to notice it’s not functioning quite as usual, though, you may not think it’s a serious problem. Service can wait until you’re ready to pay the price, you might think, but we feel this is unwise.

There may be a simple solution

First of all, you should realize that there may be a perfectly simple solution to your heating problem. Do you really want to be stuck waiting weeks or even months before finding out that a bit of dirt or a clogged filter were responsible for the issue with your heating?

We recommend changing the filter, trying the circuit breaker (yes, even for gas furnaces), and double-checking the thermostat before calling in technicians. Otherwise, get it over with! It’s better to know the cost of repair now, especially since the problem can only get worse.

The problem is likely to get worse

You know that the heater won’t fix itself, but would you guess that it’s likely to become much worse? Think of how much harder the other components have to work to make up for the deficiency of a single component. Fans can become worn down faster, and the repair may only cost more in the long run.

The cost can go up too

That’s right—the longer you wait, the more you are likely to pay overall. There are several ways the cost of repairs or the cost of ownership can hike up when you put off the issue:

  • You may have to pay to repair additional components that would have been fine if the initial problem were caught earlier.
  • You typically pay higher bills to run a heating system that is not function properly, as it may require much more energy to run.
  • Your heater could break down suddenly, meaning you might have to call for emergency repairs (likely at an additional cost), pay for a backup portable heater, or even pay to stay somewhere warmer. Don’t take this risk!

It could be dangerous

Finally, waiting too long to schedule heater repair could turn out to be dangerous. We certainly hope this is not the case, and most heating repairs we show up to pose little or no health risk whatsoever. But it’s always possible that any heater using natural gas for fuel could be at risk of starting a fire, leaking carbon monoxide, or even creating a fire hazard.

For example, an odd noise coming from the heater may not seem like such a big deal when your home is still warm. But this can turn into something much worse. We’ve heard of cases where delayed ignition creates a mini explosion near the burners powerful enough to crack the heat exchanger, a potential source of leaking carbon monoxide.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. wants to make sure you get services when you need them—as soon as possible! Contact us for quality heater service in Blanco, NM.

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