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5 Factors That Can Mess With Your Home Heating Efficiency

house-and-money¬†Keeping your home comfortable throughout the winter season shouldn’t be a battle between your comfort needs and your wallet. If you have an energy-efficient heating system, it is meant to do its job well without costing an arm and a leg. If your monthly energy bills are on the rise then you have every right to ask what is causing this change.

The reality is that the energy efficiency of your heater isn’t the only thing that can impact your bills. The efficiency of your home overall can play a big role in how much your comfort costs. Learn more about the factors that can reduce the efficiency of your home’s heating in Farmington, NM.

5 Factors That Drive Comfort Down and Costs Up

Have you noticed that something seems off about your home comfort and your energy bills? If so, the issue may not lie with your heater alone, or it may not lie with your heater at all! These are some of the key issues that might be messing with your home efficiency and, by default, your comfort too.

  1. Air leaks around the home. Have you walked by your front door and felt a draft of icy air coming from it? Or maybe one of your windows offers the same type of entry for a cool breeze. These are air leaks and they can wreak havoc on your comfort and your energy efficiency. Likewise, leaks in your ductwork can cause problems as they allow warm air to escape from your home before it even reaches its intended destination.
  2. Deteriorating insulation. The insulation in your walls, crawlspace, and attic are part of your home’s “seal.” That seal is meant to keep the clean, temperature-controlled air in and make a barrier that keeps outside air….out. Old, deteriorating insulation can allow the air you don’t want into the home and will mess with your efficiency as it causes extra demand on your heater.
  3. A faulty thermostat. How old is your thermostat? Is it able to detect temperature properly? If you’ve noticed that the thermostat always seems to be too high or low, it means trouble for your comfort and your energy use.
  4. Poor indoor air quality. The quality of the air in your home is just as important as the temperature. If you have air that is far too dry, it will mean using extra energy to try to warm things up. Air that is too dusty can cause problems for your comfort and your bills too.
  5. Poor heater operation. Last but not least, the issue with your bills will sometimes lie with your heater. A heater that needs to be tuned-up or needs a repair will often start to use more energy in order to get its job done. Make sure to schedule maintenance for your system each year or repairs when needed to combat this.

Whether you need help with an increasingly expensive heater or you need assistance resolving another energy-loss issue, you can come to Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for help.

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