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4 Ways to Help Your Heat Pump

ductless-blowerYour heat pump is an energy efficient system that helps keep you warm throughout the wintertime here in New Mexico. It runs quietly, offers comfort year round thanks to its reversing valve, and, because you have a ductless system, saves you the trouble of upkeep on ductwork.

Yes, your heat pump is a fantastic addition to your home comfort system. And that is why you want to know if there is a way for you to help it do its job. No, we aren’t talking about you creating heat from scratch. We are, however, talking about different habits you can incorporate into your regular routine that, while seemingly non-suspect, can actually go a long way in making your heat pumps job a lot easier this winter.

Want to learn more? Read on!

How to Help Your Heat Pump

Wondering what you can do to make things easier on your heat pump in Aztec, NM until the outside temperatures start to heat up again? We can help! Here are a few simple tricks you can use to improve the comfort within your home.

#1 – Remember that humidity holds heat

When you take a shower next time, remember that humidity holds heat a lot better than dry air. Leave the bathroom door open and let the airborne moisture from your shower into the adjoining rooms. This will allow the warm air to hold its warmth for a longer period of time, meaning the demand on your heat pump while be reduced.

#2 – Enjoy the sunshine

Sunlight creates a lot of warmth as we know. Even on cool days, you can make the most of the sunshine. Find the windows that are getting the most light and leave the curtains and blinds open to allow the sun’s warmth into the house. Most natural warmth means less work for your heater!

#3 – Make sure to seal things up

Do you notice that cool air leaks into your home around certain doors or windows? If you do, look into getting these areas resealed. When you have “leaks” like this, it makes your heat pumps job a lot harder because a majority of the warm air it produces goes right outside, increasing the wear and tear on your system. In contrast, a well sealed home will better hold in heat and decrease the effort your heat pump has to make.

#4 – Schedule regular maintenance

Think of it like exercise. If you want to be able to lift 50 pounds come January, do you suddenly pick up a 50 pound weight on December 31st and expect it to go well? No! (At least we hope not!) Maintenance is similar in that it helps keep your heat pump is prime condition all year long so, when the time comes to heat the home, it is ready to go. Schedule your next maintenance appointment today.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your next service for your heat pump.

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