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3 Possible Causes of Poor Furnace Airflow

Poor furnace airflow can be annoying to deal with, especially if the root cause is not the furnace’s operation.

What many people overlook is that the problem often exists in the air ducts transferring air from the furnace to your rooms. Today, we’re going to discuss what could be going on behind the scenes with your furnace. Here are three possible causes of poor furnace airflow.

1. Improper Installation of Air Duct System

Ductwork is installed in every home in such a manner that it provides a specific quantity of air to an area. Changing the duct run configuration affects the proficiency of your heating system. It also affects the quantity of air supplied to an area by the ductwork.

Poorly installed ductwork may not allow you to reach the maximum airflow the furnace is capable of. The more time it takes for the air to travel to its destination, taking several turns, the more turbulence it will be subjected to. This means it will eventually reduce the chances of the air making its way to the intended location.

2. Duct Leakage

The majority of homes in the United States and Canada have duct systems that have minor cracks and holes. You might not even notice them. Although they may feel insignificant, the result in increased energy bills and a lower level of comfort.

The United States Department of Energy states that standard ductwork has about 35 to 50 percent leakage. This means almost half of the air meant to reach a certain area of your home from the furnace cannot do so.

Don’t wait until the last minute to worry about your inefficient ductwork. we notice that homeowners tend to overlook problems until they’re right in their face. While we understand this, you can only be aware of what you see, it just underscores the importance of regular professional service.

It is imperative to create duct runs in a balanced manner to ensure that every room is getting its preferred share of warm air from the furnace. According to the National Comfort Institute (NCI), the extent of insulation and leakage points determine the kind of airflow your home gets from the furnace or air conditioning system. This is why it is important to ensure that there are no faults with the ductwork in your home.

3. Oversized or Undersized Ducts

Your HVAC system’s conditioned air uses static pressure to travel through the ductwork and reach its designated location. However, if the air ducts’ size is too big or small, the air pressure will be reduced, not letting the air reach the intended area.

A lot of the time, ductwork installed in homes is too small. This restricts the air movement as it travels around the tight bends and turns present in the air duct system leading to a subpar furnace airflow.

A poorly heated home makes life harder. Call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for furnace service in Bloomfield, NM. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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