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Why is my Heat Pump Making That Noise?

noisy-systemImagine this: You come home from a day out with your family and you notice that the home has gotten chilly while you are away. You start up your heat pump heating system and get ready to feel your house slowly but surely become warm and comfortable once more. And, while there is warmth pumping out of your heat pump, there is also a highly concerning noise that makes you remember that bad noise your truck made right before it broke down.

Loud and uncommon noises emanating from your heat pump are never a good thing. All too often it is the sign of something within the system having gone wrong. You are in luck though because, more often than not, this can be addressed by heater maintenance in La Plata, NM or, if needed, a heating repair appointment.

But what noises should you be concerned about exactly? We have an answer to that question.

So, what noises should you be worried about? The short answer is that any loud noise that is more than the simple whoosh of air out of an air handler should be a cause for concern. With that said though, we want to give you some specifics to make sure nothing gets missed.

4 Noises That Mean Trouble For Your Heat Pump

  1. Grinding: Much like a central AC unit, your heat pump uses a large fan within it to push the air it produces into the home. If the bearings for that fan dry out, however, they will create grinding noises, letting you know that it is time to call a professional to get the bearings oiled and lubricated properly again.
  2. Gurgling or Bubbling: Your heat pump uses refrigerant to do its job of heating your home. If there is a leak in the refrigerant line however, air can get inside and create a gurgling or bubbling noise.
  3. Rattling or Screeching: Overtime, the parts within your heat pump can wear out and, eventually, may break. If a part of the fan or blower fan motor are on their way out or have already broken, you are likely to hear these noises, letting you know there is a problem to address.
  4. Buzzing: Lastly, you will need to call for a technician if your heat pump is loudly buzzing. This is because this noise indicates that there may be an electrical malfunction within the system which could cause it to breakdown.

Along with the noises above, you should also be aware of additional signs of problems within your heat pump system such as reduced airflow, a lost ability to create heated air, or even short cycling. If you notice any of these issues it is always best to reach out for services even if you already have a yearly maintenance appointment scheduled. The sooner you address problems within your heat pump, the better off your home comfort will be.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today for your heat pump services.

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