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Watch for These Signs of a Faulty Commercial Heating System

As a business owner, you rely heavily on your heater to keep your business warm and comfortable for both your customers and your team all season long. When your heater is on the fritz, it can cause problems for everyone and you are left scrambling to come up with a solution.

But when you watch for signs of problems in advance, you can schedule service for commercial heating in Farmington, NM. It’s a great way to stay ahead of your commercial heater breaking down completely. Keep reading to learn more about the common signs that can warn you ahead of a commercial heating breakdown.

High Energy Costs

Unless you change the settings on your thermostat, your energy use should not fluctuate significantly with your commercial heater. Energy costs can vary from month to month and it is normal to see changes in between seasons. For example, it may cost more to cool your location in the summer than it does to heat it in the winter or vice versa.

This can result in price fluctuations between seasons. You can pay attention to your energy use and even compare it to the same month or season from previous years. If you’re seeing a significant spike in energy use, your commercial heater may be to blame.

It’s possible that your heater can lose efficiency over its lifespan if it is not well cared for and maintained. Experts estimate that you will see spikes and energy used during the last two years of a heater’s lifespan. This can be an indication that it’s time to begin thinking about replacing your commercial heater with a new model.

Humidity Levels

You also want to pay attention to the indoor air quality. While temperature is important, there are some factors that can impact how the air inside of your business location feels. One of these factors is humidity. If your heater cannot keep up with reducing humidity levels for your commercial location, it’s a sign that your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan. 

There are cases when humidity levels are just too high for your heater to handle no matter what. When this happens, we can install a dehumidifier alongside your furnace. In addition to lowering humidity levels to improve comfort, a dehumidifier can also reduce the strain on your furnace. As a result your furnace can work more effectively to provide heat for your business space without the added strain of high humidity levels.

Unusual Noises

Unusual sounds coming from your heater fall into two different categories, loud or persistent (sometimes both). Some sounds that your heater makes are sudden, loud and alarming. When you hear one of these sounds, you know immediately that something is wrong. But it’s equally possible to hear quieter yet persistent sounds that happen almost constantly while your heater runs. 

These persistent sounds are just as dangerous because they can mean that something less obvious is wrong. For example, if your heater is clicking persistently, then it can mean that your heater is struggling to turn on for a cycle. If you hear a rattling sound, there may be a loose component or loose ductwork.

Frequent Repair Needs

Toward the end of a commercial heater’s lifespan it may begin to need more frequent repairs. If it feels like you’re calling us all the time because something is going wrong with your commercial heater, it may be time for an upgrade. 

Since commercial heaters are designed in modules, we may be able to replace one or a few of the units without overhauling your entire system. Other times you do need to replace the entire set up. Our team can complete an on-site assessment and let you know what our recommendation and your options are.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give the Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning team a call to schedule your appointment for commercial heater service and let us do it right the first time!

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