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Why Fast AC Repair Matters

Did you know that putting off air conditioning repairs when you know that something is wrong can cost you over the life of your system? You may notice something unusual with your air conditioner’s operation and put off calling us to schedule an appointment. 

Meanwhile, the problem is only getting worse. When you think something is wrong with your air conditioner, it is important to schedule air conditioning service in San Juan County, NM, right away. You can keep reading to learn more about why speedy turnaround on AC repairs is so important.

Importance of Timely AC Repairs

First, let’s talk about what we mean when we say fast. We don’t mean the timeframe of the actual service appointment. In fact, a fast repair can actually be bad. You definitely want our team to take their time and get the job done right. But when we say a fast AC repair, we actually mean the amount of time between when you notice that there’s a problem and when you schedule service. It’s easy to think that an AC problem will go away on its own or that if your AC is still running it might not be that big of a deal. But letting AC problems worsen will only lead to bigger problems later on.

Putting Off AC Repairs

When you put off AC problems, you allow the damage to spread inside of your air conditioner. Let’s give you an example. Say you begin hearing a gentle rattle when your air conditioner operates. The sound is it very loud and you haven’t noticed any changes to your air, conditioners output, see you ignore the rattling. But, a bolt inside of your air conditioner is loose and jiggling around, making a gentle rattling sound as it moves against other metal components. 

Eventually, this bolt breaks free and begins banging around inside of your air conditioner. Maybe at this point you decide to call and schedule service. But by now this bolt has had an opportunity to damage other components. Maybe it gets stuck in the motor, or maybe it damages fan blades. Maybe it reaches the refrigerant lines and rattles around until it causes a refrigerant leak. This may seem like an overdramatization, but we see these problems all the time.

AC Problems to Watch For

You can help your air conditioner by giving us a call any time you notice something that is out of the ordinary. An example includes bad odors coming from your air conditioner, loud or unusual sounds, and changes in your air conditioner’s output. Another indirect sign that you can watch for our rise is rising energy costs. 

If your energy bill has a sudden spike one month or trends upward over a period of several months without ceasing, something may be wrong with your air conditioner. As the largest appliance in your home, it uses the most energy and so any spikes and energy use can be attributed back to your air conditioner.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give the Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning team a call to schedule your appointment for AC service and let us do it right the first time!

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