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The Important Role That Your Insulation Plays

house-and-moneySome homeowners place a huge emphasis on just how important their heating and air conditioning systems are. They make sure to have them tuned up on an annual basis, and they schedule prompt repairs for those systems whenever signs of trouble pop up. What they may overlook, though, are problems with their insulation. And your HVAC systems and your insulation are more closely entwined than you may realize. The bottom line is that your heater and/or AC will struggle if your insulation is insufficient.

Today we will be taking a closer look at the role that your insulation in Bloomfield, NM plays in your home. We will also give you some tips that can help you to better recognize signs of trouble with your insulation, and we’ll even discuss why some of those problems may develop. If you suspect that you have an insulation related issue in your residence, please do not hesitate to schedule service with a member of our team.

What Insulation Does

Some folks automatically think of cold weather when considering the job that their insulation does. This is understandable. We think a lot more about insulating our own bodies from the cold (not really that much of a problem around here, admittedly) than we do about insulating it from the heat. However, insulation is definitely a two-way street.

Yes, insulation helps to keep heat in houses when the weather is chilly outdoors. However, it is not there just to keep heat in. It is there to prevent excessive heat transfer, period. Because heat is always going to seek balance, that means keeping heat out in the summer, as well, when temperatures are cooler in your home than they are outside.

What Happens if You Have Insufficient Insulation?

A number of undesirable things! First of all, you are going to have trouble maintaining even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home. You are going to develop hot and/or cold spots throughout, particularly in those areas where insulation is lacking. What’s worse than living in less than comfortable conditions? Overpaying to do so!

When you have issues with unwanted heat transfer, your HVAC systems are going to try and compensate by working harder than they otherwise should have to. That is going to drive up your energy costs. That means that your budget is going to take a hit even as your comfort falters!

Plus, there’s the fact that your HVAC systems are working under undue strain to consider. That increased wear and tear can result in operational problems, potentially requiring professional repairs that are only going to wind up costing you more money.

Why Is My Insulation a Problem?

Insulation’s efficiency is rated with an R-value. Oftentimes, we’ll see that insulation of the wrong R-value was installed in a given area of a home. Replacing it with a more appropriate product will resolve the issue. However, you could also have insulation that is degraded due to issues like moisture damage, or even by pests.  Whatever the case,  we can fix up your home with the insulation that it needs.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Contact us and let us do it right the first time! Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here for you.

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