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The How and Why to Keeping Your Outdoor AC Coil Clean

Chances are high that you pay little attention to any part of your air conditioning system except the thermostat—until something breaks down, that is. Handling preventive maintenance before a breakdown is the only way to keep the air conditioner running at maximum efficiency and potentially prevent the system from failing in the middle of a hot summer day. Cleaning the outside coils is a vital part of this regular maintenance, and our experts are here to tell you why.

The Outside Coil Is Vital for Heat Exchange

Air conditioners cannot really create cool air: they actually work by removing heat from the air in a home. Refrigerant absorbs heat from your home as a fan blows warm air over it. Then, the refrigerant moves outside where this heat dissipates as refrigerant turns from gas to liquid at the outside condenser coil. As this cycle continues, the indoor fan can effectively move cool air into a room.

The Importance of a Clean Coil

Because the outside coil is exposed to the elements, it is likely to collect dust and debris over time. This can inhibit the coil’s ability to allow heat to dissipate. Even 1/8 of an inch of dust can lower the efficiency of the system significantly, which then has to run for longer to cool off the home. When this happens, the parts wear down quickly, and the system is much more likely to fail prematurely.

Considering Cleaning the Coil on Your Own? Think Again

Keeping the coil clean is absolutely necessary for an AC to run at its best, but we recommend only calling professionals for the job. You can do your part by keeping debris away from the outside of the system and making sure it is not blocked off. But call an expert for professional AC maintenance each year if you want to see this and other important components cleaned properly, without any potential damage to the unit.

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