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The How and Why to Installing a High-Efficiency AC

As any homeowner in New Mexico knows, energy bills just seem to keep going up in the summertime. Air conditioners have a lot of work to do, and a whole lot of energy is necessary to move cool air into all of the rooms of your home. One way to conserve is by switching to a high-efficiency AC unit when your older system finally breaks down—or maybe even before your current unit fails completely. Here’s why.

Replacing early helps you save

Many homeowners wait for their older air conditioners to keep declining in performance until they finally fail, and only then will they schedule a replacement. But when your air conditioner struggles to cool your home—staying just above the temperature you want or turning on and off too frequently—it’s using a lot of energy to do so. You spend a lot more money waiting for it to fail that could go toward a new system instead, and when it finally does break down, you’ll be stuck without AC while you await replacement.

High-efficiency systems are worth it

Yes, a high-efficiency air conditioner will cost more at first than one with a lower rating. However, over time, the difference in your energy bills really comes together. The cost of the system is often offset by the total energy savings if you choose a system with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 16 or higher and the ENERGY STAR label.

Find the most efficient system with help from a technician

Choosing a system with a high SEER isn’t the end of the process. It also has to be the right size for your home, since an oversized or undersized system will probably run into issues fairly early on in its lifespan and require an early replacement. Trust a technician to find you an efficient system, make sure that it fits the size of your home and matches your cooling requirements, and install it properly and return for annual maintenance visits for maximum efficiency.

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