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What Temperature Should You Set the Thermostat At this Summer?

thermostat-hand-78Hot, humid summer temperatures make you want to turn the thermostat down as far as it will go. Your monthly energy bills make you want to turn the air conditioner off altogether. There’s got to be a healthy balance, right?

Misconceptions about how a thermostat works, along with misinformation about air conditioners and home comfort, cause many people to mistakenly spend more on air conditioning than is necessary, to wear down the AC equipment, or to feel uncomfortable all summer long. Learn our expert recommendations for an ideal thermostat setting in the guide below.

Try a Higher Temperature than You’re Used To

You may want to take a few days to experiment and find out what temperature settings your family members are okay with. Most people are surprised to learn they are perfectly comfortable keeping the temperature at about 78° or 79°. Of course, this may not be possible if you have small children in the home, or if someone is elderly or ill.

Keep Your At-Home Temperature Consistent

Once you find the warmest temperature at which people are comfortable in your household, keep it here! Changing the temperature too often, lowering or raising the temperature constantly throughout the day will wear down the components of the AC system and lead to a premature breakdown.

If you feel that the air conditioner is not reaching the setting on your thermostat, you may need to call a technician in for repairs.

Raise the Temperature at Night or While You’re Away

When you leave the home, we recommend raising the temperature by about 10°. This is something that’s easy to forget, but you don’t have to worry about this so often when you have a programmable thermostat. Learn to use your programmable thermostat so that it automatically readjusts according to your schedule throughout the week.

Don’t Shut the AC Off Completely When You Leave

When we advise people to turn up the temperature setting by about 10° when they are at home, we are often asked, “Why not shut off the air conditioner completely?” The answer: it’s hot!

In a climate like ours, shutting off the air conditioner for a few hours means your home will soon be very, very hot. By the time you come home and turn on the thermostat, the air conditioner will have to run constantly to cool the home. It can become overworked without being able to cycle as usual, which can lead to repairs.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

All of this advice about how to set the temperature to your ideal temperature means nothing if you don’t have a quality thermostat in place. And even a good programmable thermostat may not be enough for you.

A smart thermostat will help ensure you keep track of the temperatures in your home. It can help you to see which temperatures are most efficient, at which time of day you use the most energy, and more so that you can find the right temperature settings for your needs.

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