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Step Right Up to Learn More About Your AC Options

Hear hear! Step right up! Gather ’round! We are here to tell you all about your air conditioning options!

Trying to sort out all of the ways to keep your home cool during the summer can be a bit tricky—there are just so many options to choose from! How do you even begin to narrow down your options?

Well, for one, you can contact your local HVAC contractor in Bloomfield, NM to see what systems they carry, and secondly, you can keep reading this blog! Below, we have listed some of our favorite cooling systems—that way, you can get a bit of a head start on your search! 

Our Favorite Cooling Systems

There are plenty of ways to keep your home cool during the summer. Here at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer:

Central AC’s

When you hear the word ” air conditioner,” the image that likely pops into your head is that of a central air conditioner. These forced-air systems utilize a network of ducts to deliver cool, conditioned all over your home. These systems are efficient, reliable, and will last for years to come (with the right services, of course!)

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate much like a standard air conditioner, except for one teeny, tiny detail: the reversing valve. The reversing valve is used to reverse the flow of refrigerant through the system, allowing for home heating in addition to cooling. That’s right! With just one system, you can both heat and cool your home! Heat pumps come in both ducted and ductless models, so no matter the layout of your home, we can find a heat pump for you!

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are a type of heat pump that to do not rely on a network of ducts. Instead, they utilize one outdoor condenser unit and multiple indoor air handlers to deliver conditioned air to every space in your home. And because these systems are a type of heat pump, they too can provide heating and cooling with just the flip of a switch!

Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers use an evaporative cooling method that is similar to the one that allows our bodies to cool. When warm air passes through a damp medium, the air cools as it causes water molecules to evaporate (kind of like when a sweaty body meets a cool breeze!) These systems are great in areas with relatively low humidity levels!

Consult with a Professional

To learn more about your air conditioning options, it is in your best interest to consult with a professional who can match you with the system that is going to best meet your needs. Your service professional will be able to assess your home’s unique layout to make the right recommendations for you. Trust us, you don’t want to skip out on these essential services.

To learn more about your air conditioning options, contact the team at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today! 

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