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The Role of Your AC Filter

dirty-air-filtersWhat part of your air conditioner is highly important but all too often ignored? Not sure what the answer is? That’s okay, a lot of people get stumped by this question. It is your AC air filter. See this is a seemingly unimportant part of your cooling system that actually plays a huge part in keeping you comfortable.

There are many issues that can be avoided by taking care of your AC filter properly. If you aren’t sure where your filter is or what role it plays in your comfort, it is high time we told you more about this vital part of your air conditioner. If you need help with your AC filter or require air conditioner repair in Farmington, NM, you can reach out to us.

The Role of Your AC Filter

Believe it or not, your AC filter isn’t meant to stop dust from getting into your home–its to stop the dust and debris that are in your home from entering your air conditioner. The filter is going to help protect the internal workings of your AC system. As you might expect, if something happens to your air conditioner filter, it will impact your system operation and your comfort.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Air Filter?

Your air filter is important to your system operation and comfort, so what can go wrong with this part of your system? Your filter can eventually collect an excess of dust and debris making it near useless. Over time, a filter may also deteriorate and begin to allow that dusty build-up into your system.

Another issue that you may encounter with your air filter is improper sizing. We find this happens sometimes when homeowners find a filter at the store to replace their disposable one but don’t check how strong it is.

Problems Caused By a Faulty Filter

So what problems can you encounter when something is wrong with your AC air filter? Here are just a few:

  • Reduced airflow: If your air filter is full of dirt and debris it is going to hinder the airflow that can enter your system. This can lead to reduced cool air entering your home.
  • Short cycling: Your AC may start to short-cycle if its air filter is stopping the flow of air into the system or has allowed enough dirt into the AC that it is coating the evaporator coil.
  • Lowered indoor air quality: If dust is getting into your AC system, it may also pump through your ductwork and into your home, lowering your indoor air quality.

As you can see, your AC air filter plays a big role in your comfort for such a seemingly small part of your cooling system. This is why we advise checking your filter every one to three months and changing or cleaning it if necessary.

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