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Old AC? When Enough Is Enough

man-with-fanWhen it comes to air conditioning replacements, there is one question that we hear time and time again—how old is too old? The answer that we have to give right off the bat is not always one that homeowners want to hear: that all depends. Sure, the age of your air conditioning system is definitely something that you should keep in mind if you are thinking about replacing it sometimes soon. It’s really not the deciding factor that some homeowners seem to think it is, though.

The estimated lifespan of any given air conditioner may be a bit on the conservative side. We also live in a very hot area, but it’s also quite dry. Some homeowners may not run their air conditioners quite as much as others, particularly throughout the night. Your diligence in terms of changing air filters and scheduling AC tune-ups can also inform how long your air conditioner is really going to last, as well as your overall individual priorities. So here are some tips from your Waterflow, NM HVAC pros regarding when to replace your AC.

You’ll Want to Consider Energy Efficiency

Why would someone want to replace an air conditioning system that is still working just fine, even if it is getting pretty old? Oftentimes, because that air conditioner is just not as efficient as it once was. Or because it was manufctured at a time when efficiency levels weren’t held to such high standards. Or because the homeowner inherited a pretty inefficient system with his or her home.

Whatever the case may be, energy efficiency is a major consideration when it comes to replacing your air conditioner. The idea of replacing an AC that is still functional may sting a little bit, but the intitial expense can really be offset over time by long-term energy savings. If you’re ready to start scaling back cooling costs, contact us to discuss avaialble options.

Get the AC You’ve Always Wanted

Okay, so you are obviously going to want to replace an air conditioner that is not functioning reliably, requiring frequent repair visits. you may also choose to replace your air conditioner if it is not functioning as efficiently as you’d like, as we just discussed above. What about if you just want to replace your air conditioner in order to get the type of system that you’ve had your eye on, though.

That is a totally reasonable reason for doing so! 

People may balk at the idea of investing in a brand new air conditioner just because theiri current setup doesn’t reflect their real desires in an AC, but considering how important your home cooling system in this area really is, we think that it only makes sense to do so. Have a central AC but want a heat pump? Hey, go for it. Want to eliminate the ducts that have always given you trouble? Why not swap them out for a ductless mini split? The ball is truly in your court, particularly with an aging system!

Schedule your AC replacement with Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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