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Is Your Thermostat Causing Trouble for Your AC?

It’s time to crank down that thermostat again, but unfortunately, this means you may notice AC trouble sometime this season. Air conditioners are made up of so many vital parts, all of which could run into trouble at any point in time. So when your air conditioner struggles to operate, you may automatically assume it is a problem within the system. Certainly, it is often the case that an internal part of your air handler or your compressor unit has run into some issues. But would you suspect that the thermostat may be also be at fault?

For any given air conditioning problem, one of a number of issues may be responsible for the symptoms, and only an expert can properly diagnose the system. However, the following problems can give you an idea of when it may be time to point the finger at the thermostat.

  • Reduced Cooling – It’s important to note that this problem is so often indicative of something else entirely that you should not immediately assume the thermostat is to blame. Reduced cooling could also mean a drop in refrigerant levels or a faulty fan motor. However, if the temperature seems only slightly off, it may be a case of miscalibration, and an expert can get it back into shape. It may also be too dirty, orlocated in an inefficient location, such as near direct sunlight.
  • Short Cycling – When there is trouble with the wiring in your thermostat, it may shut off the air conditioner before the cycle is complete and start up again shortly after. The system uses a lot of energy starting up and shutting down, and this energy reflects on your bills. The extra wear and tear also takes its toll on components like the compressor.
  • High Bills – Older thermostats are difficult to read, may be inaccurate, and have few programming settings. While this won’t affect its ability to run, this can certainly make the AC run less efficiently, as you cannot preset the thermostat to run ahead of time as desired. A new thermostat may help to lower your bills and keep you more comfortable.

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