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How High Humidity Causes Your Refrigerant-Based AC System to Freeze

As we mentioned last week, evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) do not do a very good job of cooling your home when there are high humidity levels outdoors. That’s why so many locals have been upgrading their systems to central refrigerant-based AC—which does an excellent job of keeping you cool year round, even in our crazy temperatures and humidity levels.

But that’s only true if you keep the air conditioner properly maintained. Simply forgetting to change the filter can make a major impact on your air conditioner—especially when it’s humid out. We’ll tell you why air conditioners freeze and how you can prevent this issue below.

Why Air Conditioners Freeze

Your refrigerant-based central AC unit does have ways of helping to keep humidity levels lower in the home. When hot humid air moves over the cool indoor evaporator coil, condensation collects outside of it. Then, the condensation drips below into a tray that leads out of your home—ideally.

However, if the coil gets too cold, the moisture on the coil can actually freeze. And when it’s very humid out, the amount of moisture in the air will be quite high. This typically happens because there is not the right amount of warm air moving over the coil to balance things out.

And one of the main culprits that stops airflow from getting into the system is a dirty filter.

Change Your Filter Every Month

When an air filter is too dirty, it blocks more than just allergens and other particles. It stops air from moving into the AC system. Your air conditioner needs a certain amount of air to sufficiently do its job, and to keep the coil from freezing.

Be sure to change the filter each and every month in order to prevent this common problem and the associated repair costs.

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