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Do I Need to Make a Maintenance Appointment This Spring?

Spring is here, and although we’ve had some pretty mild temperatures lately, New Mexico residents are well aware of the heat that is only a couple short months away. Therefore, you don’t want to get to the first day of sweltering weather to find out that your air conditioner needs repair—or worse, needs replacement. If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioning maintenance appointment in the last 6 months, or at least the last year, then there is no better time than now to do so!

Why Now?

Nobody wants to scramble to get AC repairs done in the heat of summer, when you need your cooling system the most. Besides, right now is when HVAC professionals will be less busy. During your maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your cooling system. This inspection includes looking at all electrical systems, providing cleaning and lubrication to appropriate parts, and more. It’s also during this time that your technician will make suggestions for repair or replacement. Taking their advice now can save you from expensive repairs later.

Will Maintenance Really Benefit Me That Much?

Early HVAC system breakdown is typically caused by lack of maintenance. Regular upkeep, on the other hand, helps your air conditioner run well throughout its entire lifespan. Additionally, your HVAC technician will help your system work as efficiently as possible by conducting appropriate cleaning tasks. This cleaning protects your indoor air quality, and is essential to protecting the inside components of your cooling system.

What about the Cost?

Many homeowners worry that maintenance appointments are an unnecessary expense. In actuality, routine maintenance can save you money on your monthly energy costs. Plus, since smaller repair needs could turn into larger, catastrophic issues, preventive maintenance will help you save money as you won’t have to pay for emergency repairs.

To schedule AC maintenance in Flora Vista, NM, contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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