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The Benefits of Retrofitting Central AC if You Have a Swamp Cooler

dog-on-floorA swamp cooler is an excellent cooling solution if you live in a climate that’s as dry as it is hot. We service air conditioning systems in New Mexico, so a lot of our customers have swamp coolers, otherwise known as evaporative coolers. While we’re happy to provide services for any home, we’ve had a lot of customers ask us about upgrading to a conventional refrigerated central AC system.

Why would so many people choose to make an upgrade if a swamp cooler is ideal for dry climates? The fact is, an evaporative cooler does have its limitations. We want to help you understand these limitations and help you to decide whether upgrading to refrigerated AC is right for your home. Read on to find out more!

The limitations of your swamp cooler

Your swamp cooler, while effective during many parts of the year, does have its limits. If you already have a swamp cooler in your home, you may have noticed some of these. A swamp cooler moves dry air from outdoors across a pad in the system. When moisture on the pad evaporates, the air moving past it loses some of its heat.

So what happens when it’s humid outside? With any moisture in the air, this process simply cannot work. It will be like trying to solve heat with a fan alone, which cannot lower the temperature. And during monsoon season, we have our share of humid, hot days.

In addition, a swamp cooler can really only lower the temperature by about 10° or so, no matter how dry the air is. Sure, you can run a fan to try to help beat the heat, but this really isn’t sufficient. Refrigerated AC systems could potentially lower the temperature by about 20°.

The cost of refrigerated AC

Yes, a refrigerated AC system will cost more and the upgrade is an investment. In fact, your energy bills will go up a tad as well, although today’s air conditioning systems are far more efficient than they were years ago, so you may be surprised.

We’re here to tell you that installing window units throughout the home is not the right solution. This may seem like a smaller investment, but costs will rise as the years go on. These are not designed for a large home, and can break down much sooner than you expect.

The benefits of a whole-house refrigerated air conditioner

Central air conditioning may not come cheap—but it’s an investment in your family’s well-being. They’ll feel more comfortable with refrigerated air, something that’s actually able to remove heat from the air in large amounts. All in all, a central air conditioner…

  • Runs more efficiently than you expect.
  • Keeps you cooler for longer, any time of year.
  • Is not obstructive when properly installed.
  • Does not require as much maintenance from the homeowner before and after the cooling season.

That doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Contact your local technicians to find out which air conditioner is the right choice for your home and family.

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