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Always Think About Your New System’s Efficiency

If you have recently installed a new air conditioner in your home, you may be thinking that you’re on a walk down easy street. You don’t have to worry about your brand-new air conditioner for a long time to come. But that isn’t quite how it works.

Taking excellent care of your air conditioner now will mean that it stays in great condition for even longer than average. Whether you’ve already invested in a new unit or are still looking at air conditioning installation in Farmington, NM, our team can help. You can keep reading to learn more about why it is important to take care of your air conditioner from day one.

AC Lifespan

The average air conditioner will last for around 15 years. Some air conditioners need to be replaced sooner, while others last much longer. Most manufacturer’s warranties are good for the first 10 years, and after that repairs and replacements are on you as the homeowner.

That manufacturer’s warranty may give you peace of mind that you don’t have to think about servicing your air conditioner in the first 10 years. But that is not the case. In fact, investing in air conditioning maintenance and repairs all along will ensure that your air conditioner has a lifespan of potentially 20 years or longer. It also ensures the air conditioner maintains a high level of energy efficiency across its entire lifespan so that you’re not stuck with energy bills that are unaffordable toward the second half of your air conditioner’s life. 

Homeowner AC Maintenance

The best way to ensure consistent energy efficiency for your air conditioner is to prioritize homeowner maintenance that you complete each month. You need to change out your air filter at least once a month with a clean one. 

When your air filter gets too full of dust and dirt, it can block airflow going into your air conditioner, putting a strain on the system as a whole. Without enough airflow coming in, your air conditioner cannot provide cool air for your home. It will begin to work harder to produce the same results, lowering your energy efficiency.

You can also clean out your condensate drain line once a month. This is an easy task to complete because all you do is pour some vinegar into the condensate drain line, located near the indoor portion of your air conditioning unit. There should be a pipe sticking up with a screw-on cap that you can remove, pour the vinegar in, and then replace the cap. This prevents the condensate drain line from getting clogged. 

When clogs happen, water backs up into your home and can evaporate back into the air, increasing humidity levels. Humidity makes your home feel warmer, even when the indoor air temperature is cool enough to be comfortable. By ensuring this drain line is clear, you can make your home more comfortable so that your air conditioner isn’t having to work harder. 

Professional AC Maintenance

It’s equally important that you invest in annual air conditioning maintenance with our team of expert professionals. We can tighten loose parts and address any small problems every year before they become bigger problems. 

And there are also a lot of air conditioner issues that go unnoticed for a long time. They may not have an obvious affect on how your air conditioner operates, but they can lower energy efficiency. Your energy bills may steadily increase without an explanation. 

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give the Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning team a call to schedule your appointment for air conditioning services and let us do it right the first time!

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