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3 AC Problems You Cannot Afford to Wait to Repair

Are you waiting to make repairs to your AC system until your budget has a little more room? We understand that this often seems like the best option. But waiting too long to schedule service can end up costing you more.

The longer you run an air conditioner with a problematic part, the more likely it is to fail. Other parts can break down from all of the extra work, and you might end up having to pay more to fix all of these, plus the extra cost of the emergency visit.

Besides, it’s not worth being uncomfortable for another month, or having to deal with a sudden AC system breakdown on one of the hottest days of the year. And, most likely, you’re paying more to run a broken system because the impaired part requires a lot more electricity to run.

In order to prevent high bills, a broken system, and a lot of discomfort, here are 3 problems you shouldn’t wait to have repaired.

  • High Temperatures – When temperatures around the home are warmer than you expect, you shouldn’t pass it off as normal. This could indicate that refrigerant is slowly leaking out of your AC system, or that a motor is failing.
  • Poor Airflow – This could indicate a problematic fan motor, a failing capacitor, or just a problem with air balancing throughout the home. A few adjustments may be in order, or you might need a whole new part. But the cost is still minimal compared to what could happen if the problem were allowed to continue.
  • Frequent Start Up and Shut Down – Your air conditioner is short cycling, something that raises your energy bills significantly because of all of the energy it uses to start up again. It can wear down the air conditioner fast, so schedule service ASAP to get to the root of the problem.

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