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Why Proper Insulation Is So Important in Warmer Weather

Many people associate insulation with colder weather. And this makes sense; we have insulated mugs and thermoses to keep drinks warm as well as insulated jackets and blankets to keep bodies warm. So to prepare for the winter, many people install insulation throughout the house to help keep their homes warm. But did you know that proper insulation is just as important in the spring and summer?

Duct Insulation and Warmer Weather

Insulating the ductwork is a key step in keeping your home cooler when temperatures start to rise. The ducts are responsible for delivering cool air through the vents of different rooms in the house. In order to reach some rooms, the air has a long way to travel. And during this trip, heat may be able to transfer to the air through the ducts.

When constructing a home and laying out ductwork, the ducts are installed out of view. This is beneficial for your interior design, but problematic because the ducts are installed in unconditioned areas of the house. The attic and crawlspaces are warmer than other areas of the home, and heat transfers into cooler spaces. So without any insulation to keep heat from moving into the ducts, the air inside may become warm. This will result in longer run times, worn down parts, higher bills, and discomfort.

Is Your Home Insulated Enough?

The average homeowner does not take many opportunities to investigate their ductwork, and they should not have to. Professionals have the proper skills and experience to go over your ductwork and determine where insulation would be useful. Call on the help of an expert to help you determine whether insulation is necessary, where it is most beneficial, and which type of materials to use.

For duct insulation services in Farmington, NM and the surrounding areas, count on the expertise of the friendly neighborhood HVAC technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.  

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