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Who Should Use an Air Purifier?

sick-couplePretty much everyone, if you want to know the truth.

Okay, then, that is probably enough information for today. See you all in a couple of…

What? Well, okay. We suppose that we can get into a bit more detail. After all, sharing valuable information with our clientele is one of our greatest passions, along with providing them the systems and services that they need to live in the comfort that they deserve!

If you want to live in the best possible environment in your home, you need to do more than maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your house. You also need to be certain that you are maintaining the most healthful environment available. That means maintaining the highest indoor air quality possible.

To do that, you’re going to need some help. And yes, while pretty much anyone will benefit from the use of an air purifier in Kirtland, NM, there are definitely individuals and populations that stand to benefit even more. So read on, contact us with any questions that you may have, and start enjoying air of the highest possible quality in your own home.

First of All, Who Needs an Air Purifier?

Again, if you want to live in the most healthful environment possible, there is no reason why an air purifier is not for you. That being said, you should consider using an air purifier especially if you:

  • Have health issues making it harder for your body to fight off illnesses.
  • Have found issues with mold in your home.
  • Have young children or elderly individuals in your home.
  • Have pets in the house.
  • Have insufficient kitchen ventilation.

These are just a few examples of why you might want to consider a whole-house air purifier—and remember, certain situations can be improved upon with an air filtration system, as opposed to an air purification system. Of course, the most effective systems are going to take a multi-pronged approach to any such issues.

Which Air Purifier Is Right for Me, Then?

See above:

“the most effective systems are going to take a multi-pronged approach to any such issues.”

There are two basic types of air purifiers that you may choose to use in your home. The first includes systems such as electrostatic precipitators. These will remove pollutants from the air, but in a more active manner than a basic air filtration system would.

Then there are UV air purifiers, which actually destroy biological pollutants. If illness in your home is common and can be attributed to viruses, bacteria, or mold spores, then you have an issue with biological pollutants. And these types of air purifiers are used to destroy those exact types of pollutants.

Ultimately, you are going to need some professional guidance when it comes to your air purification system(s). In most cases, such systems will really be working side by side with your HVAC systems, so it is very important to ensure that everything is compatible. There will be no doubt about such details when you hire the pros on our team to handle your IAQ services.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Schedule your IAQ services with Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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