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How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

allergies-indoor-airMost of the calls we receive as heating and air conditioning technicians in La Plata, NM are about air conditioning. Most of the year, people are focused on beating the heat, as your health and comfort depend on it. But there’s another piece of the puzzle when it comes to staying healthy and comfortable in your own home: its indoor air quality.

We think that, in some ways, indoor air quality is just as important as climate control, and we have solutions for any home that needs them. In the meantime, check out our advice on keeping your home’s air as clean as possible.

#1: Get a Houseplant

We know that plants look great in homes of any size, but did you know they can actually purify the air? Certain plants are actually air scrubbers; they actually scrub the air of pollutants commonly found in our homes’ air.

A few common air cleaning plants include the following:

  • Golden pothos
  • Bamboo palm
  • Spider plant
  • Weeping fig

#2: Wipe Your Feet

You’re probably dragging in a lot of those contaminants in your home from the outdoors. Wiping your feet when you enter the home, and ensuring to keep mats at every entryway, is just one way to keep those contaminants where they belong. Other ways to keep from tracking debris indoors:

  • Establish a “no shoes in the house” rule.
  • Hang outerwear near the door when entering.
  • Change clothes as soon as possible after spending time outside, especially activities like playing sports or doing yard work.
  • Bathe indoor/outdoor pets weekly, at least.

#3: Get a Better Vacuum

Of course, one of the best ways to keep dust out of your home is to clean it up. Routine vacuuming, weekly or more often for allergic households, is a great step, but only if you have the right one. A vacuum with a HEPA filter helps to prevent that debris from the carpet from moving right back into the air. Look for this when its time to shop!

#4: Consider these Indoor Air Quality Installations

It’s important to have a quality air filter in place in your heating and air conditioning systems. This protects the air conditioner from damage and keeps your air cleaner—to an extent. However, it’s not the perfect solution. While you’ll need to change the air filter regularly no matter what, a whole-house air cleaner might be the better choice as a more permanent solution you can depend on throughout the year.

  • Whole-House HEPA Filter – If you can find one suitable for your air conditioning and heating system, a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter is one of the cleanest options out there. Just meet with a technician first to make sure it’s compatible.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners – An electronic air cleaner can charge the particles in the air so they become attracted to surfaces in the home or within the air cleaner (rather than remaining in the air).
  • UV Air Purifiers – Finally, there are ultraviolet light air cleaners. These ones kill germs in the air as they pass through, preventing illness.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. installs and services indoor air quality systems in La Plata, NM. Contact our team today!

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