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How Clean Is the Air in Your Home?

You do everything you can to keep your family members safe and healthy. You try to make healthy choices at the grocery store and you visit the doctor for regular checkups. But there is little you can do to protect yourself and your family members from inhaling bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants—at least when you are outside of the home. Inside of the home, where you spend a majority of your time, you can install an air purifier system for health, wellness, and peace of mind. Could you benefit from a whole-home air purifier?

Allergies? Asthma? Frequent Illness?

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that the air inside of their homes contributes to these problems. You keep your doors and windows shut while you run your air conditioner or heater, which prevents you from wasting energy. But this also leads to stale, stuffy air, and an environment in which air contaminants just circulate throughout the home and multiply. In some studies, indoor air was found to be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air in certain environments.

Your Air Filter Is Limited

The filter that is already part of your home’s heating and air conditioning system can trap a lot of the air contaminants that pass through, but not all of them. Your air filter is limited to eliminating only those particles that are large enough to stay behind in the filter’s fibers. And very harmful living contaminants like bacteria and viruses are also some of the smallest.

The Power of UV Air Purifiers

A supplemental air purification system can provide the protection you need from air contaminants that cause asthma and allergy symptoms to appear. A UV air purifier specifically eliminates microorganisms—small living pollutants like bacteria—using ultraviolet light to kill and sterilize such organisms when they move through the HVAC system. Any central AC and heating system can have this installed, and most modern units are highly effective and low maintenance.

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