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Could Your Family Benefit from an Air Cleaner with a UV Bulb?

Your air conditioning and heating system has an air filter in place that helps to keep harmful contaminants from recirculating through your air. But does this mean that your family is protected against bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that often lead to health troubles? Unless you have a UV air purifier in place, you may not have the protection necessary to eliminate these bio-contaminants from the air.

A standard air filter works by trapping particles of a certain size in the media filter so that they cannot keep moving through the ducts, and so that larger particles cannot damage the AC and heating systems. But some of the smallest living particles still get by, and these are also some of the most hazardous to your health. An air cleaning system with a UV bulb, however, can target just such organisms. Take a look at how this works.

How Does a UV Air Purifier Work?

A UV air purifier uses ultraviolet light to effectively kill and sterilize bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms so that they are no longer unsafe for you and your family members to breathe in. This light is dangerous to tiny organisms, but the small amount should have no effect on the people on your home, especially since it is installed in the HVAC system and out of reach of your household. The UV lights may be installed within the blower unit, or they may be part of a larger air cleaning system. In any case, all of the air that passes through the system and into your home is treated.

How Can You Get a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air cleaner is not an easy device to install on your own since it belongs in the ductwork with the indoor portion of your heating and AC equipment. You should always seek the help of a professional technician for this or any other whole-home indoor air quality system. Call your local HVAC technician for more information.

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