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Why You Should Replace a Furnace before the Spring

Your furnace is not working properly, and you’ve finally accepted that you might need a new one by the start of the next heating season. But this doesn’t mean you should wait until heating season comes around. Delaying system replacement may actually be more trouble than it’s worth. If your old heating system is reaching the end of its life, we recommend replacement ASAP, even if the weather is mild.

Don’t Go without Heating When You Need It

One of the main reasons to schedule heating services before the weather cools down again is that you don’t want to forget and find yourself without heat when you really need it. Let’s say you wait several months to schedule a replacement, and then a chilly day comes in fall. Your furnace is failing to deliver adequate heat, or it may not work at all.

Give Yourself Time

If your furnace is hanging on by a thread, it’s likely to fail on a very cold day or night, when you need it the most. You won’t have enough time to pick out quality contractors and an efficient heating system because you might be dealing with an issue that needs urgent attention. When you replace a heater while the weather is mild, you have time to get a furnace that is just the right fit for your home and your needs.

It Could Be a Safety Issue

While rare, it is possible that your failing heater is a safety issue. Do not continue to run it if you think this might be the case, and call in a professional ASAP. The risk of carbon monoxide leaks and gas leaks is too dangerous to delay checking out the problem and finding out if your system needs replacement.

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